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MANY changes---full of crime, severe pollution, overcrowding and refugees

If youre in any way conservative, have common sense or want a quality way of life for your family or somewhere good to retire, AVOID Salt Lake City. Utah has some beautiful nature but its really not worth what's around it. We regret moving here every day. What were once nice parts of town and cute cities are now overflowing with crime and a very "ghetto" feel. We have a serious homeless problem because the far-left mayor is giving most of the affordable housing to refugees when we can't even provide enough services for our locals. Our shelters are filled with elderly people while young men from "Africa" get a nice new apartment, as well as M**uslims. Shame on you SLC and for bringing 60,000 migrants here to some of our best neighborhoods where people worked their ENTIRE LIFE TO NOT live next to a section 8 building full of refugees blasting rap music, partying and of course not working. LOTS of us are fed up. Housing crisis, dangerous air quality, horrible local politics and an EXTREMELY expensive cost of living...unless, of course, you wear a hijab. Move while you can...
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Salt Lake City - Members Only!

Salt Lake City is one of my favorite cities in the west. I was born in Salt Lake, and still visit it often. I often meet people who have no interest in Salt Lake, because they associate it only with the Mormon Church. There's a lot more to Salt Lake than that! One of my favorite things to do in Salt Lake is to walk down South Main Street, in downtown just south of Temple Square, to look at its historic buildings and unusual stores. Lamb's Grill, Utah's oldest restaurant, is there, as well as the must-see Sam Weller's, a huge bookstore with both used and new books. Salt Lake City also has a surprising number of good drinking and restaurant options located throughout the city. There are many brewpubs in downtown Salt Lake and near the University of Utah that offer unusual but delicious beers and good food. However, depending on where you go, you may have to pay a small "membership" fee to get in the door, due to Utah's unusual liquor laws.
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