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Best Places To Live In Salt Lake City, UT

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Salt Lake City, UT: Affordable and Lots of Jobs

Salt Lake City, or just Salt Lake as locals call it, is the capital and most populous city in Utah. Around 200,000 people live in Salt Lake, giving it the perfect balance of being big enough to have lots to do, but not so big it is overwhelming. The metropolitan area extends down to Provo and Orem, and the entire area has over two million people. More and more people have been moving to Salt Lake City in recent years and it is a great lifestyle choice for many reasons. Salt Lake has a thriving job market that continues to grow at a rapid pace. Many new startups and tech companies have claimed Salt Lake as home, infusing the area with high-paying, interesting jobs. Additionally, the cost of living in this city is still much lower than most major cities in the United States. Renting or buying a home is still reasonable for people with a range of incomes.

There are many attractions and landmarks in the Salt Lake City area, but people who live here especially enjoy all the outdoor offerings it has. Salt Lake is located in a valley, so there are mountains in almost every direction you look. That means hiking and camping are very popular activities in the summer and skiing and snowboarding are very popular in the winter. Nearby Park City sits about 20 miles away and offers world famous hiking and skiing, as well as hosting the Sundance Film Festival every winter.

In the city itself, some of the most popular landmarks are the Salt Lake City Temple, the Utah State Capitol building, and the Great Salt Lake. People use TRAX to get around, which is a light rail system that goes throughout the city. The weather in Salt Lake City is generally deemed very tolerable by most people. The summers are warm and sunny and the winters are fairly mild. The area gets a decent amount of snow, but never has temperatures that get too low.

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