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Great City with nice local shops

I like Saline the little town is nice to stroll down in summer and they have a lot of entertainment in the summer. People for the most part are very friendly but you do have a some that are very stuck up and thing their better then everyone else. As far as the schools go I have to say I love the Elementary Schools but once they hit the High School beware. If your child has any type of disability or chronic disease the school doesn't care about them they do everything in there power to throw them out. I have personally struggled with this at the school My child has been thrown to the side there and let to fail because of his disease that he has no control over yet they tell me will give him tutors extra time to make up work we will get him in a 504 plan but not one person there step to the plate then didn't even get a phone call to tell me they were not allowing my child to come back (due to his excused absences ) they sent me and email message to tell me this. When I called to speak with super attendant they had every excuse to why he could speak or meet with me. School has a horrible heroin problem as well but you would never know that because they want you to thank its a great school so they cover it up when they catch kids doing it. Well I could go on forever BUT, Please don't take my word for it ask around and I mean ask lots of different people . I am not the only parent dealing with this problem I have found out. Also they say the ratio is 19:1 Lie there are 30 + kids in most all of the classes. Like I said I have a child in the elementary and one in the high school would totally recommend the elementary schools but would pass on the High School.
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