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An old fart of a city

This city makes me wish that I could just drowned in the lake because that seems more livable then that shit of a city that is Salinas Salinas come down so you can have an angry Schizophrenic Vietnam veteran Yell at you about how he was in Vietnam and you were not and come because of her not just people yelling on the bus at how good a girls pussy was in conclusion Salinas can go suck it’s own dick for all I care
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Relocating To Salinas, CA

I relocated to Salinas, California after living in Texas. I moved because of my job but have lived here since for about 7 years. I have found that the cost of living, especially for living in California, is pretty cheap. From what I've heard, the city used to be more like a small town but now, not at all. A lot of people have moved here because of the agricultural industry, and there are still jobs. Most of the jobs are related to working manually in the farming part, such as farming the food, production of it, delivery, and so forth. However, there are quite a few jobs related to the administration aspect to it, but still all are related to the agriculture industry. It is a little crowded but city is still beautiful aesthetically. Because it has become a big city than before, there is a heightened crime rate. There is a bit of a drug and gang problem but only certain areas of the city. Usually if you stay farther like around the hills rather than downtown, you are safe in terms of crime activity. Try to avoid the east side of town just overall. A lot of its old small-town charm still exists with lots of little shops and cafes. There is a mall but most people shop at the smaller upscale shops around town because there is more selection to pick from and more individuality in the clothes than department stores. One thing about Salinas is that it is a unique town by Californian standards. The quality of food is pretty good and there are lots of healthy options-not just a lot of fast food places. The weather is moderate, usually a little warm but not too hot.
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Don't live here!

Salinas is a terrible place to live. The schools are terrible and the over-all attitude of the locals is that of entitlement. There is a major gang problem that is worsened by the locals that refuse to report crimes. Murder is in the news weekly. The price of housing is very high and the average wage low. I can only describe this area as dreadful and dangerous. The weather here is moderate, which is great if you like overcast days and months but not great if you prefer more sun shine. It's commonly 68 degrees as a high during the summer months which is nice compared to the heat in a lot of areas. But, did I mention the gangs, crime and ignorant locals that refuse to report the crimes they've seen? Beware, it's awful. I was forced to recommend a family type to post this review. I chose "single" but I can only recommend that if you like misery and don't mind taking a chance of dying in gang gun fire.
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Beautiful city, damaged

I grew up here back when there was only 50,000 people. Its a big agriculture place, and the vegetables are all around and plenty of them. We grew tons of lettuce, they still do. One of my oldest friends owns most of the land there, a Tanimura of "Tanimura and Antle." It was a very serene, clean city, that was safe and a beautiful place to live. Perfect weather, close to the coastline in Monterey which is only 20 minutes away. It has since grown way too large. Lots of criminal element has moved in. Nortenos and Soreno constantly in battle, and the wannabees. Also new to the area, Mexican Mafia. There are still some areas that are cared for and a great place to live, but you have to head up to the hills, and out of the city environment. There are alot of great resturants to eat heading out towards Monterey. Preferrable, I eat in Monterey and stay there near the beach in the summer. There has been a great influx of illegal immigrants that have the taken over the Welfare assistance and housing for the needy. I had many friends there in the Alisal area. But now I would not go there at all. Criminal element is high in this area of eastside Salinas. And its a shame. This once beautiful city with perfect weather and once good schools has gone to pot. Cars are parked on the once pristine lawns, garbage is spewed around the homes and street. Even the parks are infested with young gangbangers near the once very nice Hartnell area where I grew up. Now it houses illegal hispanics, garbage, dirty diapers, gangbangers, and filth sucking the life out of this town. Its a shame because I remember what it was like. So beautiful and perfect little town, now degraded and ugly. Gunshots are heard in once great family neighborhoods. Ahhh well thats life in good old California, or Little Mexico. No wonder people are leaving California. Very pretty in some place, if your in the hills away from town. Just look around and you will see why!
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Salinas, CA - America's Salad Bowl

Here's and interesting fact: Salinas is famous for producing most of the lettuce in the United States. I traveled to this city once and thought it was an interesting place to visit. For rodeo fans, visiting Salinas is a must when it hosts the California State Rodeo each year. While I was there, I enjoyed seeing the Boronda Adobe. Built in the 1840s, this adobe house is the oldest standing building in Salinas. Also featuring John Steinbeck's grave, a museum dedicated to him and his birth home (now converted to a restaurant), Salinas is a great place for anyone wanting to learn more about the famous Nobel and Pulitzer prize-winning author. Residents of Salinas are friendly, neighborhoods are clean, real estate rates are affordable and the cost of living is lower than most cities in California. Because of the farming opportunities throughout the city, jobs are found fairly easily for those who work in the agriculture business. Reflecting a true 1950s charm, the downtown area still retains its olden-day identity, featuring several unique and exciting shops. For restaurants, travelers should visit the Steinbeck House Restaurant, where John Steinbeck grew up. The atmosphere of the charming Victorian home mixes well with the delicious food and rich history.
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