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Best Places To Live In Salinas, CA

  • Salinas, CA
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  • Population: 155,889
  • I've lived here my entire life. Not a family friendly city. Absolutely nothing for kid's or teenagers to do. High gang activity. Multiple families in one dwelling do to high cost of living make…[read more]
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  • I retired here to Pacific Grove, California 7 years ago and I love it here. This place offers me everything that I need to enjoy by leisurely days. The neighborhoods are quiet and the people are…[read more]
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  • Seacliff, CA
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  • Capitola, CA
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  • I have made my home in Capitola for awhile now, and I couldn't imagine a better place to live. Capitola is a port city near Santa Cruz and has a busy boating community. It also has an artistic collection…[read more]
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  • I was born in Marina, California and lived there for six years. I still visit often and still remember places I visited when I was younger. Since my father served in the U.S. Army, we often visited Fort…[read more]
  • Monterey, CA
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  • I've lived all around the U.S. (SE, NE, NW, SW) and also various locations in Europe, and can say definitively that this little piece of real estate on the CA central coast is the best weather anywhere!…[read more]
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  • I have loved living here in Soledad, CA. The weather, of course, is fantastic. It's kind of a small city, so there's not a lot to do here, but I like the quiet. The weather, really, though is the best…[read more]
  • Del Rey Oaks, CA
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  • Population: 1,683
  • Seaside, CA
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  • Seaside is very expensive to live but it has a lot to offer. We have several places to shop, grab a bite to eat, take in the scenery, and more. I prefer to shop at the University Plaza Shopping Center on…[read more]
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  • Country-Paradise-with-Ocean-Views. Custom-built-homes on wide-open-spaces, forested w/oak-trees/rolling-hills; Easy-commute-location-to-Silicon Valley-tech-center-jobs. Aromas has…[read more]
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  • I loved living in Hollister. I was lucky to be born and raised in such a wonderful place. If you are looking for a quiet but not to remote place this would be the best spot to reside in. Housing here is…[read more]
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  • While yes, it is beautiful, the cost of living is ridiculous. As current renters we've lived in the same house for the past 8 years, and pay $1300 monthly rent, which is an amazing deal. We also do our…[read more]
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  • Las Lomas, CA
  • City: 13.5mi / 21.7km away
  • Population: 3,047

Salinas, CA: Rich Farmlands

Located in far northern Monterey County, this beautiful California city lies roughly 45 miles southeast of San Jose and 3 miles due east of the Pacific Ocean. It sits amidst an area of rich farmlands adjoining the fertile Salinas River Valley. Today the population of this growing enclave exceeds 150,000. If you plan on relocating to this community, you'll want to know some important information: Salinas has become a center for the development of innovative new agricultural technologies. Its strong farming economy allows residents to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the year. Local businesses also promote grape growing and the sale of cut flowers.

The city maintains a public bus service and a small airport. Residents travel frequently by car, taxi or ridesharing services in this area. Additionally, an Amtrak line serves Salinas. Trains run on a daily basis between Los Angeles and Seattle. Employment occurs here in agriculture, and also in manufacturing, a small but growing sector of the local economy. Numerous restaurants, retail outlets, and other service businesses offer job opportunities. This area offers several unique public attractions. World famous Monterey Bay lies just a few miles west of this location. It has become a national marine sanctuary, and offers spectacular ocean front views. A series of state parks line the scenic coastal roadway, Highway 1, as it passes beside the Pacific shore. Visitors also journey to this lovely community to attend the annual California International Airshow.

Residents enjoy a generally mild climate in this part of coastal California. In summer, daytime temperatures usually fall in the 70 degrees Fahrenheit range. Daytime winter temperatures average about ten degrees lower, with colder nights and more frequent rains. The cost of living index here remains significantly below San Francisco's for most items. Residents usually encounter higher prices for most non-farm sector items than they would find in less populous communities in the State, however.

As you search for the best places in Salinas for your family, you'll discover a number of distinctive neighborhoods and subdivisions here. Median gross rents remain significantly lower than in San Francisco or Los Angles. They hovered in the low $1200 range during 2016. The housing marketplace offers a great variety of single family dwellings, condominiums, apartments, and mobile homes. Realty values have tended to appreciate in most locations in Salinas and its environs over the course of time. With its choice geographic position near the lovely Pacific Ocean and within commuting distance of populous San Jose, this charming city holds great appeal. If you've considered searching for a home here, use the search facility above to find the best places to live in Salinas!