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Living in Roseville, Michigan!

When I used to live in Roseville Michigan, there were many things I loved and a few I did not. Every place has good and bad things about it, but this place is almost all good! The attractions in Roseville were probably the best. I mean any place that has a SeaWorld has to be pretty amazing. The SeaWorld was their biggest and funniest attraction. There were not many community events there. Every once in a while you would see a community yard sale but that was about it. Everybody in the community was pretty nice though. When it came to dining out, there were several options. There was almost any type of food you could think of. There were also many franchise restaurants, along with several mom and pop type of restaurants. The nightlife was pretty slim unless you wanted to enjoy SeaWorld's nightlife. There were maybe a handful of bars and most of them were in restaurants. The shopping was pretty amazing. I mean it was not LA shopping but it did have plenty to choose from. There was a mall that had almost everything in it right there in Roseville. Also there were many places to get everyday shopping items from. Overall I found Roseville a nice place to live. I would not have thought about leaving if it was not for my husband's job making us move. Even if you are not looking to move here it is still a nice place to visit. I mean, who does not want to visit SeaWorld? So next time you are in the area or passing through, make sure you at least stop in for a bit and check out all there is to offer in Roseville, Michigan!
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