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A struggling small town

I have lived here 2 years in Roseburg. Here are my thoughts of this community. I like that the air is clean. Only 4 weeks of the year the air quality is bad due to pollen in the spring and the smoke from forest fires in the summer.You do not have to pump your own gas for your car. There is no traffic. They recycle plastic bottles here except Gatorade bottles.They have a nice local newspaper and one TV station. The TV station has lost its only reporter, so all of the news is from Eugene now. I wish the would also recycle plastic grocery bags.The have Internet but it seems to stop working between 6:30 – 8 p.m. every night. I have called Charter but they say it is working fine from their end. I would try Douglas County Fast Internet first before Charter.I do not understand why people boast about the weather. My feeling unless you have been affected by frostbite, weather is weather. It rains for 8 months of the year and is very dry for the remaining 4 months. Everything turns brown in the summer.Many of the community show sign of PTS. Stress level is very high and people are very irritable. There is high economic stress in the community, which is shown with a housing shortage driving home prices and rent higher each year but at the same time wages remain relatively low.Anti-government feelings are also high. I have heard these same thoughts from employees that work for the government. They complain about negative influence of government, taxes, etc. but they are very dependent on the government and demand / want more because they live at or near the poverty level.They blame the government for limiting the harvest of timber for their economic woes but the mills are producing as much lumber as the did before but now they are doing it with less labor due to automation. One sign of poor economic condition is local government has shut down their public library and the local community college has laid off employees. There is sign of poverty all around with the homeless population. The biggest problem facing Douglas County is drugs. Everyone is aware of it but no one talks about is the drug problem here. So it continues to get worse. I do not know why they have made it legal to buy pot here.If you are a Veteran you will receive great care at the local VA hospital. If you or your family members are not Veterans, you will go through doctors very quickly. My wife has gone through three doctors because they keep moving away. It is hard for Roseburg to keep doctors in this town.In the summer they have music in the park the called Music at the Half Shell. You place your blanket to mark your spot in the morning only to come back to find a homeless person has moved it. During the concert your family will be exposed to loud, crude behavior from the homeless population that attend due to their mental health issues and other residents because of alcohol. Drinking is allowed one day a week during the concert. People can be seen intoxicated during the concert. Not really something I like for my family to see.As I mention before there is a terrible home shortage. Rentals are very difficult to find. Rent prices continue to rise. Some people are forced to move south and live in Winston because of the high rent or low supply of rentals. Prices of homes continue to rise as more people from California move here to retire. There is no new home construction here at all. It is said because there is a shortage of skilled labor for home building.You will find you will do most of your shopping at Wal-Mart, Costco and Fred Meyer because there are very limited places to shop. The “mall” is really just an empty building now. K-mart is closing its door. It will be devastating if Wal-Mart of Costco closes its door here. There are no health food stores and it is difficult to find in the local grocery stores.Most of the younger people are moving away which leaves mostly retired and lower income workers behind. The State of Oregon economist says Roseburg will only get worse as more people retire here demanding more services at the same time local industry is hiring fewer workers that help the local economy grow.Local people complain that people move to Roseburg then leave shortly afterwards. What they should be asking themselves is what are we doing as a community to attract and keep industry/people here? Hint: Griping and complaining is not the solution.
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