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Best Places To Live In Rochester, NY

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Rochester, NY: Affordable Cost Of Living

Rochester, New York, is the second largest city in New York outside of New York City. The approximately 209,000 residents living there make it the top minor league sports market in the nation. Marshmallows, graham crackers and Jello were all invented in this city where the first commercial mustard was sold. The city still has a very lively dining scene today with over 1,000 restaurants to choose from when dining out. Many businesses get their start in Rochester because of the city's active business incubation program. The government has also used incentives to develop high technology companies in Rochester.

People moving to Rochester, New York, may feel like they are freezing all the time because the average daytime high stays below 57 degrees throughout the year while the city receives about 84 inches of snow and about 34 inches of rain falling annually. Although those cold and wet temperatures require residents to pay a little more than the national average on utilities, the city is a very affordable place to live when compared to other United States' cities. The best places to live in Rochester, New York, need to be chosen carefully because of the crime rate. The Rochester School District operates one of the top pre-kindergarten programs in the nation while Wilson Magnet High School is viewed as one of the top high schools in the United States. The city is home to the University of Rochester is one of the top private research universities in the world. The city has a lot of diversity along with being home to the largest deaf population in the United States per capita.

Over 55,000 riders take the Rochester Genesee Regional Transportation Authority buses every day on 45 routes. About 12,000 residents ride Amtrak annually allowing them to connect to New York City and points beyond. Residents can also use Greyhound buses to get throughout the state and nation. Rochester International Airport services passengers and cargo coming into and out of the city.

With a great number of choices of best places to live in or around Rochester, New York, finding a great place to call home in Rochester is not easy. We'll gladly steer you in the right direction, but you have to take the first steps by telling us what your perfect place looks like. Therefore, start your search by specifying your search radius and telling us about your employment situation, desired amenities, housing budget and what size neighborhood you desire. You will then be left with a short list of the best places to live in Rochester.