People that want to live in the state of Virginia will enjoy the opportunity to settle in a city such as Richmond. Richmond is the capital of Virginia, and home to a lot of areas that you will enjoy, ripe with opportunity. The city of Richmond features a population of over 200,000 people, and it also features history that has shaped both the state and the nation as a whole. In terms of education, there are plenty of opportunities for people looking to spread their wings, including Virginia Commonwealth University, the University of Richmond and Virginia Union University. This is also a huge medical area, featuring medical and nursing schools such as the Medical Center of Virginia.

Because of its central location in the state and proximity to Interstate 64, you're open to the gateway to the east coast, with quick drives to Washington D.C. and Baltimore, and within driving distance to Philadelphia, Atlantic City, New York City and more. People who work and live within Richmond will appreciate the many interstate routes they have at their disposal, giving you the opportunity to find an alternate route when traffic is heavy.

In order to get a feel for Richmond as a whole, you should stop by and visit before signing any sort of lease for an apartment. The neighborhoods in the city of Richmond are drastically different from one another, so you will want to see things live and in person before making a decision. It's a renter's market, so you will have no problem finding a rental when you are looking to live and work in Richmond. Be sure that you touch base with apartment renters in the area if you are looking for a new place to stay and are interested in calling Central Virginia your home for years.