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dog # limit and weight limit in PGI After much research, my wife and i are looking at PGI as a retirement spot for us and our dogs. I have looked and can not find an answer, so i hope this might be the place to go. As a family that has started our own Dog rescue, we currently have several dogs that we could not find homes for..old age and medical issues, so we have welcomed these babies to live their lives with us....and we never regretted it. In preparing to move on to the next stages of our lives, our babies will always be part of our family until the very end. So i was wondering, does PGI have limits in numbers and weight regarding the dogs that are part of your household? Many thanks for taking the time to respond! Answer question
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What is the general vibe in Punta Gorda? Everything I have read has made Punt a Gorda sound like a dreamy place to live. What is the general vibe? Are people struggling to find work or are most people working and doing OK? Looking for a place for my family to relocate to that has a small town feel, laid back, safe, great schools, jobs available. It is a tall order and I know every place has pros and cons but if you live there or have been there, can you let me know your thoughts? Thanks for your help. Answer question
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