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Pueblo Colorado Review

I have lived in Pueblo Colorado most of my life and will never look back at this place again, People in this area are so rude no matter what you do or say people are not satisfied with anything around here. All people really do in Pueblo Colorado is fight with each other just to get their way. Nice way of showing how people really care HUH Pueblo CO. Fight to the death and don't help a f-ing thing.
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18 hours in Pueblo

My Wife and I went to Pueblo last Saturday to check out possible property to buy. Every review online was fantastic for what we had been looking for. Our intentions? To bring a business plan and employ locals. We arived in Pueblo at 6pm, ate at red lobster, checked into our room at Holliday inn, and headed out to drive by some of the properties we had in mind. We went to all sides of the city to find that the reviews about the people, neighborhoods, crime rate, housing, and so forth were not true. Our waitress at red lobster nearly laughed when we told her what we were doing in Pueblo. She said the day she graduates she is gone and will never come back. Later on, the $70.00 meal had me sick to my stomach as the service and food rated a 1 1-10 scale. After driving through some of the areas in the city I felt it better to send donations to the people of Pueblo instead of the starving kids of Africa. Poverty much? Graffiti in 70% or more of the city, obviouse gang problem, police cars falling apart and rare to even see. As the people stare at us driving in the neighborhoods, it was uncomfortable even with my side arm I didn't feel safe and I know now I wasn't.Since dinner made me sick I called it a night at about 9:00. Went back to the room to find that the house keeping was no good. Dirty head board with things I won't mention, hair on the bed, bathtub, sink, and thick dust everywhere. The air conditioning didn't work, and many of the lights in the parking area had been broken. 7:30 in the morning loading up to give Pueblo one last chance and someone had busted out the back window of my truck to steal a backpack and gps. The Gps was about $60.00 value as it was used. The backpack had over 1500 rounds of ammunition, EMT jump gear, about $1500.00 and useless to someone that isn't trained. The thief that broke my window costed Pueblo 25+ jobs @ $15 to $25 an hour to steal something they don't have a clue of how to use besides the ammo. Greatful my firearms were not in there, the police informed me that it was a regular situation at the hotel we stayed at. 2 to 4 times a week.When I told the officer why we had come to Pueblo he laughed and said the town was not worth the time. Why get a job when you can sell drugs and steal what you want, he said. He explained that most of the long time locals didn't have means to leave or they would. When I asked about better locations to buy a home in Pueblo it was a none. He replied that even the people in good neighborhoods did not feel safe because the people from the east side go to them. My views to be fair about Pueblo- Beutiful views with the old mills and water ways. Great car culture from street racers, 4x4, dune buggys, low riders, street bikes, and so on. The art work was awesome even though most of it was on someone's business unwarranted. That is all.Bad views- Poor economy, no work ethic, no police budget ( i.e. paint pealing off patrol cars, belts squeaking, ext). This means gang problems, poor education, drug abuse potential, and more crime in the future. Police are understaffed, under paid, ill equipped, and in danger. I would pray if your spouse is involved in law enforcement in Pueblo. In short, I will not be bringing money to Pueblo this year and will not consider it again for many years as your city is killing itself from the inside out. TO ANYONE VISITING: Don't.... As a local on another site said. "Stay away if you don't like it". That is exactly what i suggest to anyone that values there life, health, family, and/or belongings. This will make things much worse for them but it sounds good to me. This way they can steal from each other, kill one another, destroy each others property, and when it's all gone it won't be yours or my loss. Good luck Pueblo people who are not the problem but the victims.
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Pueblo, CO - Home Of The Slopper!

I have lived in the city of Pueblo most of my life. I was born here and love it. The people care about each other and it doesn't really matter if they are strangers. We are a city that never outgrew the small town attitude. We always try to help anyone in need and we are very family focused. Close to the town of Pueblo you will find fun attractions like Lake Pueblo, Beulah Park about 20 minutes away The Riverwalk, and the Sange de Cristo Art Center and Museum, and The Professional Bull Riders, Inc. (PBR) Headquarters are located here as well. The three things Pueblo is famous for are: 1. This is where the Consumer Guide is written. 2. We are the hometown of so many Medal of Honor recipients that President Dwight Eisenhower when placing the Medal of Honor around Raymond "Jerry" Murphy's neck asked: "What is it in the water out there in Pueblo, all you guys turn out to be heroes?" 3. This is my personal favorite. The city of Pueblo is the home of The Slopper. This is basically a hamburger smothered with the best green chile in the country. It can be found in many Pueblo restaurants and is a local favorite. Eating a Slopper is not easy, but is worth the effort. Best served with a Schooner!
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