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PROS AND CONS inputs from living in PRESCOTT VALLEY Hi everyone, I really will greatly appreciate all inputs regarding Prescott Valley. I select this location , mostly, for its *weather compare to the rest of AZ, and general livability score of ~ 70% (as I am coming from California), possibly with grandparents as well.. ..We are in our late 40s...with older kids closer into their college years, so we wanted to plan into our 2nd home/which will become our retirement home as well. Are there homeless or obvious cons ( or even the pros) that stand out to you in the local area... as my 2nd child is only about 10 years though, so I still need a good place to raise my 2nd kid ( lol...I got this 2nd kid after Grad-school). What about the amenties, like doctor and hospital access, and other recreational activities (parks, libraries, fishing, biking, hiking. etc); transportation/commute ?? Are there still Machining companies nearby ? Any input is greatly appreciated !! HOW do the local feel about the Humidity (which is about 36 %) the Prescott Valley, especially for people with allergies issues ? Please advise.Best regards, DNN. Answer question
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Horse boarding Moving in July/August need a place to board my horse. Answer question
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