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Best Places To Live In Portland, OR

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Portland, OR: Truly Amazing

Portland, Oregon, a beautiful city of bridges in the Pacific Northwest, is divided vertically by the shimmering Willamette River. Situated in a valley, the city has breathtaking views of surrounding mountain ranges including the Tualatins, Cascades and the Oregon Coast Range. Only an hour and a half from the Pacific Ocean, Portland offers residents many activity choices. Portland, the Multnomah County seat, has a population exceeding 600,000 people. A gradual shift from a resource based economy to a more high-tech one is a contributing factor to the city's growth. The cost of living in Portland is slightly higher than the rest of the state and the country. Median house and rental prices are a bit higher than those in surrounding areas. However, Portland's unemployment rate is lower.

In addition to three bridges that are designated historical landmarks, Portland is home to the Pittock Mansion. Originally built for the newspaper's owner, it was later purchased and refurbished by the city of Portland with some private funds. The mansion and grounds reopened to the public in 1965 and is the pride of Portland. The Pioneer Courthouse is another striking architectural structure. The cupola on the roof offers 360 degree views of the picturesque city. The Pioneer Courthouse Square is the hub of activity in the center of Portland. The 40,000 acre red bricked park hosts special events almost daily including concerts, festivals and art shows. Also maintained via public and private management, the square is the place to be in Portland.

Portland has a moderate climate with temperatures ranging from the mid 40s to the low 80s during the year. Although most of the city's precipitation falls between October and May, only 2 to 3 inches falls in the form of snow as the nearby mountain ranges protect it from frigid Canadian air masses. Very little precipitation during the summer months makes Portland a great place for outdoor pursuits.

The city of Portland is environmentally friendly, and its many commuting choices reflect that. Portland is not a sprawling city so it has a high walkability factor. While bike travel is encouraged, Portland also offers its residents and guests bus, streetcar, light rail and aerial tram options depending on your destination. The transportation systems in Portland receive high marks from users.

Portland is a city made up of many diverse neighborhoods each with its own special niche. AreaVibes knows each area and can assist you in prioritizing your wish list for your next home. Take the stress out of this process and let AreaVibes take you step by step to find the perfect Portland location for you.