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Dont come here

Do you like to walk down a city street and have 5 different people ask you for change ? Do you like exspensive prices on just about everything, especially food and lodging ? Do you like unpredictable weather ? Do you want to be around a high population of gays and lesbo's ?DON'T COME HERE, IT'S BEST DESCRIBED AS A "FREEDOM TAKING", SHIT HOLE !
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Frankie5556Posted on Jun 26, 2017
This page is very inaccurate. I live in Portland.

These statistics are horribly wrong. It's so shameful. I may need to find the time to come back to add more accurate links. I will say that if you move here you will fall in love. I hate the winters but it is too hard to leave because there are so many good things here that I would be leaving that too. There is no place like it. (Believe me. I've searched for a version of this Portland with milder winters for a long time now.) Everyone is proud of our city. I find that number 1 reason people leave here is because of the snow. 2nd reason, their job is asking them to relocate somewhere. 3rd the cost of housing. There is a lot of help for very low income but for people that don't fit in that bracket it's a bit pricey. The minimum wage for our city was raised very recently to help combat that. The raise was only for Portland and not the rest of the state but it's still rough for people like me. It's worth it though. That's why there are so many people packed into under 22 sq. miles of land. Supposedly, in 2016, 40% of the state population lives in Portland which means it's only a short drive to get away from the city and into nature. We have more trees than any other state and no poisonous snakes or other creatures. No mountain lions or grizzly bears. The woods are safe! The water and air are clean. It is awesome. I would write more but I need to go!
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shellwakePosted on Aug 24, 2016
Portland is the best place to life

Portland is nice place for the family for kids to grow nice people .I was living in Portland Maine .I have alot of good Memory and I learn good think from Maine .My father Professor Dr Mohammad Hassan Muti past away on Nov 4 2008 in Portland Maine at age 74 .good bless him .and thanks for President Barak Obama and first Lady mitchelle Obama for their kind Condoless letter for Professor Muti ,Governer Johan Baldacci and congressman Tom allan Senator Olympia Snow all american friends for their condoless Letters during our Hard time Farid Muti United State of America,Thanks for the us governament and american friend help our family in the united State
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faridPosted on Nov 10, 2013
Have a Nice Time in Portland, Maine

Some cities are fast paced, others are laid back. Portland, Maine is a beautiful laid back city. Just because it is laid back doesn't mean it's not an exciting place to visit, it is. The old port area is a must if you make the trip to Portland. I had a great time in the area and enjoyed a great seafood meal. If you don't know, Portland is known for having some of the best seafood. A trip to the city of Portland wouldn't be complete without getting out and taking in the great view of the ocean. The views of the Atlantic Ocean are great in Portland and it seemed like I was taken back to a simpler time. I found the whole experience to be quite relaxing. The people in Portland are very friendly and have no problem recommending their favorite restaurants or pointing you in the right direction when you are lost. I was lost on several occasions and the people were more than happy to help me out. I also caught a show at the Merrill theater and would recommend that to anybody considering a visit to the great city of Portland, Maine.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Aug 09, 2010
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