Cities in Maine

Population: 1,344,212

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Maine: Beaches and History

The state of Maine has a lot going for it, especially if you are talking about prime destinations for those people who want to vacation. Maine is a state that entertains many visitors during the summe and if you looked at a map of cities in Maine, you'd know why. The state of Maine has miles and miles of beautiful beachfront that attracts both travelers and new residents. The largest cities are Portland, Bangor, and the capital of Augusta, with Portland being the tourist center. Located not far from Boston, it is a city that features great history, as well as a number of excellent beaches.

The weather in Maine ranges from very cold in the winter to moderately warm on summer days. They have a very short summer, lasting only around three months. Overall, the cost of living in Maine is some of the lowest in all of New England, which adds to why so many people choose to move there. It is a vacation spot for many in New England and the mid-Atlantic, with those folks coming to places like Kennebunkport and Bar Harbor along the coast. Lately, more people have been moving out of the city areas to Maine to enjoy the relative simple lifestyle and the excellent food that's become its staple.

Maine is one of the safest states in America with an average crime rate that is almost half of the national average. Crime rates are slightly higher in Portland, but still very low for a larger city. Low crime is just one of the many reasons why Maine is a great place to live.