Livability Awards

A+ Palos Verdes Estates Amenities Lots of amenities close to this location
F Palos Verdes Estates Cost of Living Cost of living is 106% higher than California
Palos Verdes Estates
289189% more expensive than the US average
14040% more expensive than the US average
United States
100National cost of living index
Palos Verdes Estates cost of living
A+ Palos Verdes Estates Crime Total crime is 71% lower than California
Total crime
81169% lower than the US average
Chance of being a victim
1 in 12469% lower than the US average
Year-over-year crime
-3%Year over year crime is down
Palos Verdes Estates crime
A+ Palos Verdes Estates Employment Household income is 215% higher than California
Median household income
$200,766263% higher than the US average
Income per capita
$87,550194% higher than the US average
Unemployment rate
1%78% lower than the US average
Palos Verdes Estates employment
F Palos Verdes Estates Housing Home value is 293% higher than California
Median home value
$1,609,500771% higher than the US average
Median rent price
$2,809196% higher than the US average
Home ownership
87%37% higher than the US average
Palos Verdes Estates real estate or Palos Verdes Estates rentals
A+ Palos Verdes Estates Schools HS graduation rate is 22% higher than California
High school grad. rates
98%18% higher than the US average
School test scores
76%53% higher than the US average
Student teacher ratio
22:137% higher than the US average
Palos Verdes Estates K-12 schools

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      Palos Verdes Estates - Wealthy Neighborhood on Peninsula

      I have relatives that have lived in Palos Verdes Estates for a long time and have visited the city often and know it very well. This is one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in California, perfect for retirement after a long and successful career.

      The city offers gorgeous views and offers the wealthy lifestyle, with state of the art shopping centers and malls. The public school system is extremely respected, and the private schools in this region are great as well.

      There are many things to do in this region, including a less common activity, that being horseback riding, with lessons or sessions starting as low as fifty-dollars per hour. Palos Verdes Estates has a great golf course nearby, Los Verdes Golf Course, offering 18 holes of beautiful oceanic views and perfect conditions for golf.

      This is a neighborhood that anybody would dream about living in, and it takes a large amount of fortune to be able to live here for an extended period of time. Overall, a great neighborhood with a lot of great people, but VERY expensive.
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      Source: The Palos Verdes Estates, CA data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).