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Trash inoxnard

Oxnard is the dirtiest town in California. On olds road between ocean view school and port hueneme road. There are mattresses chairs couches and big bags of trash. And all along the fences by the fields is trash. It is like a third world country. There is always trash along Woolley road by th railroad tracks. Why doesn't the city clean up this town. I would not recommend anyone live here it is not a town to be proud of. I cannot wait to sell my home and get out of this dirty place
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Beautiful Beaches and Outdoor Living

If you speak spanish and love the latino community then this is the place for you. If you'd like employment, you must speak spanish. If you are retired this is an excellent community. There is not much to do here for singles as there is virtually no night life. It is a great place for beaches and outdoor living. There is a high concentration on Mexican's and the Mexican heritage. Certain areas are kind of run down but the beach communities are nice.
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Oxnard, CA - Think Twice About Relocation

If you are considering moving to Oxnard, Ca, I would have to advise against it. The crime rates in Oxnard are rather high. I don't mean petty crimes either. There are violent crimes widespread, such as stabbings and robberies. I know every city has its crime, but personally I would not want to raise a family in that kind of environment. I wasn't in town long, but what I witnessed was enough. On the plus side, the food is good. You won't starve in Oxnard. There are restaurants in Oxnard lining the streets. The food is excellent. We made it a point to try a different restaurant each night we were there. I swear I gained 5 lbs by the end of the trip. They also have a great little farmer's market there. The vegetables are beautiful and delicious. Everything is reasonably priced, too. If you are in the city during the spring, check out the Oxnard Strawberry Festival. It is quite fun.
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