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Best Places To Live In Overland Park, KS

  • Overland Park, KS
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  • Population: 183,775
  • Look, most of the negative reviews are probably coming from people who have had a silver spoon in their mouths since they were babes. Compared to where I’ve lived before, this place is Heaven to me. No…[read more]
Nearby Areas With A High Livability Score93
  • Prairie Village, KS
  • City: 1.9mi / 3.0km away
  • Population: 21,824
  • My $2500 a month rental house may seem like a lot to some of you, but it is worth it to live in this affluent, absolutely gorgeous, part of Kansas. I'm happily living in Prairie Village, which is a…[read more]
  • Platte Woods, MO
  • City: 17.1mi / 27.5km away
  • Population: 430
  • Lake Waukomis, MO
  • City: 17.4mi / 28.0km away
  • Population: 973
  • Armour Hills, Kansas City, MO
  • Neighborhood: 4.7mi / 7.5km away
  • Population: 2,422
  • Country Club Plaza, Kansas City, MO
  • Neighborhood: 6.0mi / 9.6km away
  • Population: 1,088
  • Lee's Summit, MO
  • City: 15.9mi / 25.6km away
  • Population: 94,257
  • I currently live in Lee's Summit, MO. Lee's Summit is surrounded by major highways such as, 350, 291, and 50. Shopping centers, schools, and hospitals are readily accessible. The public school system is…[read more]
  • Parkville, MO
  • City: 16.1mi / 26.0km away
  • Population: 6,124
  • Ward Parkway, Kansas City, MO
  • Neighborhood: 3.8mi / 6.1km away
  • Population: 3,722
  • Lenexa, KS
  • City: 3.9mi / 6.3km away
  • Population: 51,206
  • I love Kansas City!! The cool thing about lenexa/ shawnee area is : excellent highway access (4 ramps near me it’s great). I70, 435, i35, k7 etc . Look on a map!!! If you live in Lenexa you can work…[read more]
  • Olathe, KS
  • City: 10.5mi / 16.8km away
  • Population: 132,787
  • I was excited about my trip to Olathe due to the fact that I love the outdoors, so Passport To Adventure was a great experience for me. For those not familiar with Passport To Adventure, it is a neat way…[read more]
  • Westwood, KS
  • City: 4.9mi / 7.9km away
  • Population: 1,747
  • Lived in westwood, ks for almost 23 years and hate it. It's reallly for old people and it's not worth living here. I've lived in older cities and have regrets of livng here, wimps and losers abound such…[read more]
  • Faireway Hills, Kansas City, MO
  • Neighborhood: 12.8mi / 20.7km away
  • Population: 2,302
  • Westwood Hills, KS
  • City: 5.1mi / 8.2km away
  • Population: 414
  • Raymore, MO
  • City: 16.8mi / 27.1km away
  • Population: 20,107
  • I've always been drawn to slower paced towns, while still desiring the modern conveniences of today. That's probably why I've been living in Raymore, Missouri for the past 11 years. The biggest thing in…[read more]
  • Leawood, KS
  • City: 3.1mi / 5.0km away
  • Population: 33,763
  • I've lived in Leawood Kansas there's no reason to live here anymore, unamerican values and unreal high cost of living and droped the ball on biden's win…[read more]
  • Gladstone, MO
  • City: 17.0mi / 27.4km away
  • Population: 26,562
  • I am currently living in Gladstone, Missouri after having moved here three years ago from KCK. Let me tell you, I love it here! As a single mom with three kids I was worried I couldn't find affordable…[read more]
  • Oakwood, MO
  • City: 16.0mi / 25.8km away
  • Population: 157
  • Liberty, MO
  • City: 22.3mi / 35.9km away
  • Population: 30,239
  • Living in Liberty Missouri was one of the better areas that I have experienced. Neighboring cities like Kansas City add to the number of activities in the area. Liberty is stellar in educational…[read more]
  • Mission Lake, Kansas City, MO
  • Neighborhood: 7.2mi / 11.6km away
  • Population: 3,622
  • Unity Village, MO
  • City: 14.6mi / 23.5km away
  • Population: 99
  • Western Hills, Kansas City, MO
  • Neighborhood: 3.9mi / 6.2km away
  • Population: 1,837
  • Shawnee, KS
  • City: 3.7mi / 5.9km away
  • Population: 64,444
  • When someone hears "Kansas," they think of the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy, and tornadoes. It can't be farther from the truth! I lived in Shawnee, Kansas for five years. Located in the heart of Johnson County,…[read more]
  • Foxcroft And Glen Arbor, Kansas City, MO
  • Neighborhood: 5.5mi / 8.8km away
  • Population: 878
  • Roeland Park, KS
  • City: 4.1mi / 6.6km away
  • Population: 6,816
  • Southmoreland, Kansas City, MO
  • Neighborhood: 6.7mi / 10.7km away
  • Population: 3,638
  • Country Lane Estates, Kansas City, MO
  • Neighborhood: 5.1mi / 8.2km away
  • Population: 1,971
  • Lea Manor, Kansas City, MO
  • Neighborhood: 4.3mi / 6.9km away
  • Population: 2,044
  • Mission, KS
  • City: 3.2mi / 5.1km away
  • Population: 9,490
  • Tower Homes, Kansas City, MO
  • Neighborhood: 4.7mi / 7.5km away
  • Population: 5,882
  • Verona Hills, Kansas City, MO
  • Neighborhood: 5.9mi / 9.6km away
  • Population: 2,013
  • South Hyde Park, Kansas City, MO
  • Neighborhood: 6.9mi / 11.0km away
  • Population: 1,981
  • Mission Hills, KS
  • City: 3.6mi / 5.8km away
  • Population: 3,582
  • Fairway, KS
  • City: 3.7mi / 5.9km away
  • Population: 3,964
  • I have recently lived here for 7 years since 2014 and moved in recent weeks in 2020, May 7th. Got real tired of the dub and foolish people who lived here, as well as road construction. What's the point…[read more]
  • White Oak, Kansas City, MO
  • Neighborhood: 10.5mi / 17.0km away
  • Population: 2,673
  • Weatherby Lake, MO
  • City: 17.5mi / 28.1km away
  • Population: 1,900
  • I grew up in Weatherby lake. I lived there for 16+ years and then I moved to go to college. I enjoyed growing up there between the years of 1974 -1994. We had a lake in the back yard and so going…[read more]
  • Waldo Homes, Kansas City, MO
  • Neighborhood: 4.3mi / 7.0km away
  • Population: 1,554
  • Glenaire, MO
  • City: 20.2mi / 32.5km away
  • Population: 449
  • Holmes Park, Kansas City, MO
  • Neighborhood: 5.2mi / 8.3km away
  • Population: 1,247
  • Oakwood Park, MO
  • City: 16.2mi / 26.1km away
  • Population: 204
  • Houston Lake, MO
  • City: 14.6mi / 23.5km away
  • Population: 322
  • River Bend, MO
  • City: 20.2mi / 32.6km away
  • Population: 1
  • Oaks, MO
  • City: 15.8mi / 25.4km away
  • Population: 135
  • Stanford Gardens, Kansas City, MO
  • Neighborhood: 4.3mi / 6.9km away
  • Population: 930
  • Gardner, KS
  • City: 18.1mi / 29.1km away
  • Population: 20,667
  • I'm living in Gardner, KS, which is located approximately 30 to 45 minutes outside of Kansas City. I feel like I'm living in the perfect blend of small town meets big city. The people here are extremely…[read more]
  • Basehor, KS
  • City: 17.4mi / 28.0km away
  • Population: 5,167
  • Mission Woods, KS
  • City: 4.8mi / 7.7km away
  • Population: 186
  • Red Ridge South, Kansas City, MO
  • Neighborhood: 6.3mi / 10.1km away
  • Population: 2,757
  • Valentine, Kansas City, MO
  • Neighborhood: 7.0mi / 11.3km away
  • Population: 1,163
  • Pleasant Valley, MO
  • City: 19.2mi / 30.8km away
  • Population: 3,043
  • Randolph, MO
  • City: 15.3mi / 24.7km away
  • Population: 22

Overland Park, KS: Easy Living

The lovely City of Overland Park, Kansas lies in the far northeastern region of the Sunflower State, proximate to the Missouri state line. Situated in Johnson County, this vibrant community today maintains a population of well over 185,000 people. It offers many attractive residential enclaves! While hunting for the best places in Overland Park for your family, you'll appreciate knowing the local Chamber of Commerce has developed an aggressive outreach program inviting businesses to establish company facilities here. Coupled with the community's geographic position within a 12 miles radius of populous Kansas City, Missouri, people discover exciting economic opportunities here.

This municipality encompasses over 75 square miles. It adjoins both sides of the Interstate 435 Beltway encircling the Greater Kansas City Area. Busy Interstate 35 passes along the northwestern edge of the community. It links Kansas with Missouri. Together with an intricate network of roadways, these highways supply rapid access to sites within the immediate vicinity. Residents also enjoy ready access to Kansas City International Airport.

A comprehensive Kansas City bus system serves Overland Park residents. They also utilize private autos, ridesharing vehicles, and taxi services. Numerous fine dining, shopping, entertainment, and retail opportunities draw visitors here. One popular local attraction, the Johnson County Museum, supplies a great place to learn more about the colorful history of this unique area. Additionally, residents easily travel to nearby sites of interest within the Greater Kansas City Area. These destinations include the world famous Kansas City Zoo, the national World War I Museum, the 235-acre Worlds of Fun amusement park, or the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. You certainly won't run out of fun things to see and do when you move to Overland Park.

Temperatures in this region fluctuate based upon the season of the year. During the warmest month, July, people enjoy sunny days in the 70 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit range. By contrast, January brings much cooler average daytime temperatures. Snow and rain fall frequently. This community boasts too many great residential neighborhoods to list them all. Housing includes standalone dwellings, apartment complexes, condo units, townhomes and mobile homes. Generally, luxurious modern single family detached houses with large yards command higher prices than older homes requiring extensive repairs. Average monthly rents currently exceed $1,100, although home seekers will discover properties offered in price ranges well above (and well below) this figure.

The cost of living here remains higher than in most other small towns in Kansas. Yet residents enjoy a considerably less expensive cost of living than people residing in San Francisco, California or Manhattan, New York. Use AreaVibes to research your best places to live in Overland Park based on the data that is most important to you.