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This is not a place for young people to grow who's not from here

This is a very boring place. no jobs, a lot of people get hired at the warehouse call amazon. Com temporarily through a temp agency. Or the little gas stations such as Wawa and Walmart or Food Lion and fast food restaurants. The entire state has the maximum of three casinos and two beaches, and three malls. There's barely nothing to do. Harley unable to meet friends because this is a majority retirement State and a family state. A lot of people are related here. The entire state is owned by the duponts. But the incest didn't stop there, mostly everybody are related. You have very few public transportation that takes you to Dover and Wilmington. the only thing good about the state is there's no taxes. A lot of segregation and racism. People are not very friendly at all, you can drive through the entire state within an hour and 45 minutes to 2 hours that's how small it is. If you call the police and you're not from here you cannot get any help, if you have a complaint on the police department you can forget about it because the same people that you're complaining about, you're complaining to. And nothing will get done in a situation like that because everyone knows everyone. the police department is crooked and they set laws as they see fit. and no one can do anything about it because this is a small town in a family State. They do not respect the United States constitutional rights or laws. If you're renting you will get a lot of crooked landlord who do not respect your privacy. They will go up on the rent before you even occupy a unit. I recommend you see reviews before you rent in my area with any private landlords or housing complex. This place is poverty-stricken, should you fall into poverty as a single person with no disability's, their public assistance office only have food stamps and medical assistance which are federal programs. Places that you see certain stores and gas stations you might want to be careful as well as in the cities surrounding because you can get robbed. if you're not from here I recommend you do not trust the people that is from here, because the only reason they'll get close to you is just to see what you have. They are not friendly but they are sneaky. And remember the majority of them are related.
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Source: The Middletown, DE data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).
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