Cities in Delaware

Population: 973,764

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Delaware: The Diamond State

Looking on any Delaware map, you will see that it is not a big state, but it is certainly a place that has a lot to offer. With more popular Delaware cities like Dover and Wilmington, the state itself has plenty of historical value. Any map of Delaware cities will show you that there are some great beaches, which is one of the reasons why people choose to either move there or vacation there. One of the nicest things about the state is that it sits very close to Maryland, not far from Philadelphia, and a short trek to New York City, as well.

Depending on which Delaware cities you choose to call home, housing can be an adventure. Along the coast and in the bay areas, home and apartment prices are relatively expensive, but the options and the views are excellent. Cost of living is somewhat cheaper elsewhere, until you get to the places that would be considered Philadelphia suburbs. The weather in Delaware is your typical mid-Atlantic feel, but it can get quite cold there during the winters. Still, people are able to enjoy all four seasons, which makes it a prime place to relocate. The job market has been stable, while the schools in Delaware enjoy some of the highest marks on the east coast.

If you are thinking of making a move to the state of Delaware and need more information, then we can help you with that. Delaware does have slightly higher than average crime rates, and higher than average cost of living.