Middletown, DE

Population: 20,045

Key findings

  • Middletown has a Livability Score of 73/100, which is considered excellent
  • Middletown crime rates are 12% lower than the Delaware average
  • Cost of living in Middletown is 6% higher than the Delaware average
  • Middletown real estate prices are 18% higher than the Delaware average
  • Rental prices in Middletown are 8% higher than the Delaware average

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      This is not a place for young people to grow who's not from here

      This is a very boring place. no jobs, a lot of people get hired at the warehouse call amazon. Com temporarily through a temp agency. Or the little gas stations such as Wawa and Walmart or Food Lion and fast food restaurants. The entire state has the maximum of three casinos and two beaches, and three malls. There's barely nothing to do. Harley unable to meet friends because this is a majority retirement State and a family state. A lot of people are related here. The entire state is owned by the duponts. But the incest didn't stop there, mostly everybody are related. You have very few public transportation that takes you to Dover and Wilmington. the only thing good about the state is there's no taxes. A lot of segregation and racism. People are not very friendly at all, you can drive through the entire state within an hour and 45 minutes to 2 hours that's how small it is. If you call the police and you're not from here you cannot get any help, if you have a complaint on the police department you can forget about it because the same people that you're complaining about, you're complaining to. And nothing will get done in a situation like that because everyone knows everyone. the police department is crooked and they set laws as they see fit. and no one can do anything about it because this is a small town in a family State. They do not respect the United States constitutional rights or laws. If you're renting you will get a lot of crooked landlord who do not respect your privacy. They will go up on the rent before you even occupy a unit. I recommend you see reviews before you rent in my area with any private landlords or housing complex. This place is poverty-stricken, should you fall into poverty as a single person with no disability's, their public assistance office only have food stamps and medical assistance which are federal programs. Places that you see certain stores and gas stations you might want to be careful as well as in the cities surrounding because you can get robbed. if you're not from here I recommend you do not trust the people that is from here, because the only reason they'll get close to you is just to see what you have. They are not friendly but they are sneaky. And remember the majority of them are related.
      • 6 -9
      This place is for retired people or dieing people

      There is absolutely nothing to do but to work and stay home.If you're young and you enjoy working and enjoy time out, this is not the place for you. Racism exists almost everywhere,but the state of Delaware did not want to abolish slavery. Call the police for help,and you're not from this place.You can forget about it, you're not getting any help because everyone knows each other,the majority of the people are related and they have children with each other.I would not recommend living here unless you're planning to be bored.Recently had issues with my landlord that I was leasing front for 2 years, after the first year I like that he was coming in and out of my apartment anytime he choose,standing over me while sleeping entering my apartment while I'm in the shower. Banging on the door as if he was the Police pursuing the criminal. Finally I got tired call the police, they told me that this is his property that he could into anytime he wants.Got followed & threatened by a woman who tried to follow me home I pepper at sprayed her not touching her with the pepper spray or hitting her with it and got charged with offencive touching. I was told by the police that this state is a state where there is no law for self-defense. I also got called a racist slur and call the police to make a report for the hate crime, they then told me this is the United States it's a constitutional right to have freedom of speech. They make laws as they see fit. The entire state is so small you can drive through it within an hour and 45 minutes max.
      • 2 -8
      Up N’ Coming Major Town

      Someone else wrote that Middletown was not near anything, had no transportation and poor police and emergency response. That person obviously had the wrong Middletown. This Middletown (DE) is booming with a central Walmart, Kohl’s, Marshall’s, Pets Plus, Amazon Warehousing, and on and on with many more! Restaurants galore, if it’s a chain restaurant, 9 times out of 10 choices it’s less than 10 minutes away. McDonald’s, Burger King, chick filet, Arby’s, Dairy Queen, Texas Roadhouse, Applebee’s, ruby Tuesday and many many more! We also have several private restaurants right in the heart of the town with old style shopping strips along Main Street. There is a state police barracks in Middletown as well as the local Middletown Police Department. I accidentally activated my house alarm, um twice, haha but, response time both times was under 4 minutes. To add, there’s a trauma unit with ambulatory services and urgent care unit in Middletown, as well as dozens of private practice physicians; dentists, Orthodontist’s, physical therapy etc, you name it. Schools are Appoquinimink district; rated amongst the highest in Delaware. Two High Schools and many other elementary and Jr High schools. Due to booming population, 3 additional, new schools, are being built to be ready by 2020. In addition to that, due to the “booming population” traffic along the main roads stinks. Especially during rush hour and shopping hours. But..... they’re building a new bypass (301) which will help a lot because the trucks are the major problem on Rte 896 which clogs everything up. The bypass has been being worked on for the past couple year and is just a few months away from completion in late 2018 or early 2019. Crime rates are extremely low. This site does not do justice because there is a run-down section of Middletown. Behind the ole main town that runs along Main Street is an area of about 15 square blocks of low income housing. That’s where most crime occurs, unfortunately. I have no problem falling asleep at night knowing my door might not be locked. (I also have a pit bull, an alarm and a gun... but that’s not why). I’m originally from Queens NY and lived for some time in Southeast PA. By far, this is the better place to live. No, public transportation is not booming yet, but there’s a few Dart buses that will take you to Dover and Wilmington. There is a railroad track through here and freight train runs through once every other day or so. So it is possible to have intercity rail transit. Would be great to see a rail line run from Wilmington to Dover, as Middletown appropriately named, is right in the middle. Maybe someday. Anyway, being from NY city, I can tell you that if you like the country feel and still want the amenities of urban living (minus having the mass transit....for now), Middletown is up n’ coming!
      • 11 -4
      Little undeveloped village

      This place doesn't have ANYTHING. Everything is outside of town and if you don't have a car you're f*ed. No public transportation. There are some unreliable buses althat have stupid schedules. Even in emergency situations you can't get help! If you call the police, they won't show up. No transportation. This place is a half century behind the third war countries!
      • 1 0
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      Source: The Middletown, DE data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).