Meridian, ID

Population: 88,247 livability score shield

Key findings

  • Meridian has a Livability Score of 85/100, which is considered exceptional
  • Meridian crime rates are 26% lower than the Idaho average
  • Cost of living in Meridian is 9% higher than the Idaho average
  • Meridian real estate prices are 19% higher than the Idaho average
  • Rental prices in Meridian are 34% higher than the Idaho average

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      Dull and Crowded
      It's getting boring and crowded thanks to refugees from the more liberal states. They are bringing that culture with them , for better or for worse. Honestly I only see it as negative. If it drives the economy there has to be resources available to them , but there are no sustainable resources of that nature in this tiny state.
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      Stop soon please!
      Living here is fast becoming miserable, the invasion of out of staters (#1 California) is just sad. The numbers are wrong on this sight houses are $225,000+ for an average run down area! Schools are terrible, congestion is getting worse by the day, limited parking everywhere the list goes on. The Boise & meridian area are saturated with out of staters and the sense of community is gone!!!

      Go else where if your planning to move..... Crime may not be high yet but all the high density housing and understaffed policing along with people looking for bang for there buck in Idaho..... "Otherwise they wouldn't be leaving the high cost of living states" the crime will skyrocket...... I am certainly looking in the near future to leave to avoid the crap that is coming!!!
      17 -29
      This worst place to live in the U.S.A.
      I’ve lived all over the U.S.A. I lived in Idaho for four years and it is the worst placed to live. Idaho ranks dead last in education, which is obvious if you spend anytime talking to people. Idaho has a F grade for corruption and I have seen evidence of this in the Ada county court as a paralegal. The court does not abide by the law, the judges make their own rules and If one wants to complain, you will be labeled as a vexatious litigant. The male mediators love to degrade women on a regular basis. Dan, one of of the mediators made this statement to a women ” I’m officer of the court and i’m in charge. you need to sit pretty and keep your mouth shut.” I worked in two other states with job title and never seen anything like this before. Property management companies pay $100.00 for a license and they have a business, no other requirements necessary. I don’t know if i can name the property management on this site but a very popular property management in Boise has a registered sex offender working for them and this maintenance worker went into a tenant’s home while she was at work. She caught him going though her bra’s and panties. She called the cops but he still works for them. Idahoans take a lot of pride in their crap state and for good reason. you can be among other people that are also passive aggressive, you can check the new and only hot spot which is Albertsons Market Street in Meridian. you can take a short drive to Oregon and get a bunch of weed or stay home and cook meth.
      10 -32
      Crowed, congested and crime on the rise
      A few years ago Boise and meridian came up as one of the best places to live. And then people started moving here in the droves. But in doing that, they ruined what was so great.

      The wide open areas, family land, low crime etc.

      We’re seen all of the farms sold to put up 4plex’s, and condos. The cost of living has more than doubled in the the last 3 years. But the wages stayed the same. The avg couple born and raised here can’t even afford a small 2-3 bedroom home anymore.

      All the street are WAYYYYY over crowded! For the last 20 years it’s only taken 30 mins to get for one side of the valley to the other. Now you are lucky to get down town in 11/2 hrs! The roads just aren’t big enough for all these new comers.. mainly California Texas Washington Oregon.

      As if that wasn’t enough. WE DONT WANT THEM HERE. California is planning to build a welcome center for California transplant’s because nobody’s welcoming them here lol that should be the first indicator. California is welcome mean Californiisns to another state ???

      The crime has gone up as well. Our news used to just be rodeos and fairs.. now it’s. Murders and drugs and homeless. And it always seems to be the people coming over that are breaking the law ..? Maybe they used up all their strikes.

      It’s awful :( so sad to see my home turn into another Portland/ Sacramento
      29 -19
      Invasion of out of staters !
      First off the avg home is NOT 199,999. It hasn’t been that way for 3-4 years. And with all these Californians and Texans moving here the cost of homes have keep going up, now a normal started house will start at 250k+ And anything in a good area will run 400-600k.
      Rent was sitting at 500-800 in 2011 for 2 bed 1 bath NOW it’s 1200+

      The state released new registration data saying on average 100 NEW PEOPLE ( mainly Californian) are moving here every day !

      Everything that made meridian and Boise a top place to live is being lost! And we hate it! If you move here don’t expect a warm welcome, people are mad and fed up!
      11 -11
      Meridian unsuitable place to live now
      Due to the huge influx of Californians the small farming community has been transformed into a largely urban city rife with road rage and skyrocketing crime . Infrastructure especially roads have not been able to keep up and are very congested.The political climate has swung from rural conservatism to urban California liberalism. Huge cultural divide between rural multi-generational Idahoans and urban California transplants. Positive attributes though few are good access to shopping malls, theater and well designed shopping areas like the Village.
      12 -11
      Meridian ID City Review
      I have known Meridian, ID since in was a mid-sized farming community. The tech and housing bubbles transformed it into one of the more desirable suburbs of Idaho's capital city, Boise. It is now a boom-town for Idaho standards, and has about 80,000 residents. The terrain is mostly converted flat farmland, now sprawling with middle class homes and shopping centers.

      Though Meridian is growing, the city still has a rural atmosphere. The area is steeped in history, but is home to many of Idaho's main economic entities. This is a popular city for people who work in Boise, but desire a quieter place to call home. It is also a preferred spot for students of Boise State University since the cost of living is much lower than Boise itself, and the commute along Interstate 84 is an exceptionally easy drive.

      Meridian has created an environment that is extremely business-friendly. The city is littered with diverse shopping and dining venues. Some of the more high-profile places in Meridian are the Idaho State Police Training Headquarters, and the main offices and warehouse of the world famous online store Unemployment is far below the national average, and the real estate market, especially for commercial properties, is very attractive.

      The only downside to living and driving in Meridian is the poor interface between the old frontier roadways and the exploding business districts. In short, the roads are choked and in need of attention. Meridian is now the third largest city in the State of Idaho, but the infrastructure has changed little since the 1970s. This is a small concern next to the "four seasons" beauty of the area, and the employment opportunities found here.
      7 -6
      Source: The Meridian, ID data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).