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Best Places To Live In Idaho 2024

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Idaho: Proud to Call it Home

Idaho is a charming addition to the Pacific Northwest that many people are proud to call home. More than 1.5 million residents have chosen to build their lives in Idaho due in large part to all of the wonderful things the state has to offer. From its thriving industries to its sprawling rural areas, the diversity of Idaho provides something special for everyone.

The states of Washington, Oregon, Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, and Utah share borders with Idaho. Directly to the north of the state lies the vast Canadian province of British Columbia. Boise, Idaho’s capital city, is situated in the southwest portion of the state and features a thriving downtown area along with family-friendly suburban communities. Other cities that are considered to be among the best places in Idaho include Moscow, Lewiston, and Coeur d’Alene.

Anyone who chooses to move to Idaho can find plenty of houses, apartments, and condominiums throughout the state that are perfect for all lifestyles. The average home costs and rental rates are below the national average in most parts of Idaho, which is ideal for anyone who wants to save some money. Health care, transportation, and food costs are also mostly below the national average. With all the money that is saved, there will be extra cash to enjoy some of the best entertainment that the state has to offer.

Much of Idaho enjoys a diverse climate throughout the year. The western part of the state generally experiences mild winters with some snowfall and summers that are warm and pleasant. Winters are usually drier in the east with most of the rainfall occurring in the summer. The southeast portion of Idaho is an area that is known for its cold and snowy winters and hot and dry summers.

In addition to being a great place to live, Idaho features many attractions and notable landmarks that provide great entertainment for locals and visitors alike. Boise is home to cultural institutions such as the Idaho State Historical Museum and Boise Art Museum. Some of the best nature spots around the state include the Snake River Plain, the Palouse region, and Redfish Lake. Idaho also features numerous national and state parks including part of Yellowstone Park. History buffs can explore sections of the Oregon Trail along with landmarks like Pierce Courthouse and the Old Idaho Penitentiary. Silverwood Theme Park in Athol features waterslides, rollercoasters, and other thrill rides that offer fun for everyone in the summer and fall.

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