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Maricopa, Arizona: Low Crime Rates and Sunny Weather

I am a lover of sun. I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona. I currently live in Maricopa, Arizona on account of my husband's job. I have always loved warm weather and the idea of sunlight. That is why I have so many good things to say about the current area that I am currently residing in. Here in Maricopa, the weather is excellent, the cost of living here is low, and the crime rate here is quite low. Though there are so many great things about this area, there are always drawbacks. Some of the notable drawbacks are the amenities, meaning the number of local areas that are within a reasonable distance. Another drawback is the cost of a nice house for a family here. The housing index is higher here in Maricopa. I love walking everywhere. Unfortunately, the school that my kids attend is 5 miles away from our house. Though this is not far, other places that I have visited have closer schools that are within walking distance. I do enjoy the fact that I am able to walk to the local market to buy produce a few times a week. I love walking in this area because not only is it sunny but it also a community here. I know all my neighbors here and wave hello to them everyday. That to me is important. One of the downfalls of living in this area is the fact that the cost of housing is high. My husband and I purchased a 4 bedroom house that could have been bought at a cheaper price anywhere else in Arizona. I do however, love this place because unlike Phoenix, we do not need to worry about crime rates due to the fact that they are low.
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pretty awesome little city

I actually love it in Maricopa. Theres not much shopping and stuff there but Chandler is only 20 min away. Its a great place to raise a family. Theres lots of families with children in Maricopa and the schools are pretty good. Its growing a lot so, I don't expect it to stay small for very long. Even though this website says theres no library there..there is. Theres a super cool theater there with a laser tag area, a bowling alley and an arcade. Theres a new rec center with a huge pool, dog park, water area for the kids, and a water park. Several restaurants have opened up there as well. :)
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