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Lynn, MA - A Truly Active City

During my time in the city of Lynn, I have to say the most fun I had was at Nahant Beach Reservation. The days that I was not laying on the beach I experienced parasailing, windsurfing, and rented a Jet Ski. They have the best tasting hot dogs and fruit on the beach. One night when I was there they shot fireworks. The communities and neighborhoods throughout the city are composed of a lot of outdoors type people. I saw a lot of people skateboarding or rollerbladding. There are lots of skate parks and bike lanes. Trees are all around the neighborhoods but thankfully there were not any bugs. I may have just visited on a bad day because Fauci's Pizza was said to be the most delicious pizza ever and mine didn't taste very good, seemed to be missing something. The Blue Ox however was so delicious so after my meal I ordered wings to go. I wanted to eat them later back in my hotel room. The two main nightclubs in Lynn are Fran's Place and Fifty Club. Fran's Place caters to an older crowd who likes blues and country. The Fifty Club caters to a younger crowd and has one dollar drink and drown nights. Square One Mall is the main place to shop in Lynn MA. The two other places to shop are Liberty Tree Mall and Lynn Marketplace. Between all three malls, I was able to find what I wanted and more.
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