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Sylmar, CA: Small town California charm

Growing up in Sylmar, CA, which borders on the city of San Fernando, CA, between the 118 and 210 freeways, I got used to hearing many people refer to it as a hub of earthquake activity. After all, it was famous for the 1971 trembler, so no one bothered to know it also for its positive attributes also. Sylmar has more going for it than a lot of people recognize.

The best part of Sylmar is its ethnic diversity. It is not a cookie-cutter city by any means. While there are a large amount of Spanish-speaking residents, there are also Asian folks, as well as American Indian and African-American families as well. With this diverse culture, nothing is ever boring about this city.

In terms of its cost of living, it is easily one of the more affordable areas in Southern California to live. The cost of an average single-family home is 45 percent less than the Los Angeles average, and a little less than 32 percent of the California average. This makes it a good place for one to buy their first home.

Crime in Sylmar, CA, however, is not non-existent. While it is still safer than a quarter of other Los Angeles area neighborhoods, its index for property-related crimes is still approximately 35 percent higher than the Los Angeles average. This can sometimes give someone thinking about relocating here pause, but they really need not worry too much. There are still over three police officers per every 1000 people in this city, so should there be any crime-related issues in your neighborhood; police response is still fairly quick and dependable.

In terms of shopping, you are honestly best served by driving to neighboring Glendale or Burbank, so I won't say this is a highpoint. If you are a Mexican food fan, you won't find better than El Chaparral Mexican Restaurant. Critics always single out their margaritas as some of the best in town, and I couldn't agree more.

For summertime fun, one does not need to go far before hitting one of Sylmar's best-known secrets - Hansen Dam Park. This place is a haven for scenic walking trails and swimming, with an aquatic center there that is a popular place to come to for relief from the dry summer heat. For children, the playground there has been completed renovated, so is a wonderful place for those with young children to visit. Prior to moving to Burbank, I visited this playground with my daughter many times and enjoyed it each time we came.
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Source: The Sylmar, Los Angeles, CA data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).
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