Population: 55,999Median home value: $290,939 58 Ranks better than 14% of areas
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A+ Pacoima Amenities Lots of amenities close to this location
F Pacoima Cost of Living Cost of living is 11% lower than California
12424% more expensive than the US average
Los Angeles
14646% more expensive than the US average
United States
100National cost of living index
Pacoima cost of living
F Pacoima Crime Total crime is 24% lower than California
Total crime
2,22719% lower than the US average
Chance of being a victim
1 in 4519% lower than the US average
Year-over-year crime
10%Year over year crime is up
Pacoima crime
F Pacoima Employment Household income is 22% lower than California
Median household income
$49,89310% lower than the US average
Income per capita
$14,97250% lower than the US average
Unemployment rate
8%61% higher than the US average
Pacoima employment
D- Pacoima Housing Home value is 29% lower than California
Median home value
$290,93958% higher than the US average
Median rent price
$1,31939% higher than the US average
Home ownership
51%21% lower than the US average
Pacoima real estate or Pacoima rentals
F Pacoima Schools HS graduation rate is 38% lower than California
High school grad. rates
50%40% lower than the US average
School test scores
23%53% lower than the US average
Student teacher ratio
n/aequal to the US average
Los Angeles K-12 schools or Los Angeles colleges

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Pacoima Los Angeles: Panorama City

The Southern part of Los Angeles has been a home to me almost my entire life. I studied, worked, and matured within the rusty pavements of our little community. The place is actually a mixture of both wonderful city places and overcrowded suburbs.

I can still remember how me and my siblings would dive in a year-round heated pool at the Northern part of Pacoima. It is one of our favorite things we do together. It was as if yesterday when everything was so plain and simple but now the looks of this place has totally changed. Shopping malls, recreational centers, and different small shops have now emerged on every corner.

Staying here made me able to follow its transformation from simplicity to a well-improved place. Year after year, new establishments are constructed and houses are renovated. The city helps convert substandard houses into safer homes for families to have a better quality of life.

In another sense, there can be a disadvantage living in the area due to the increasing crime rate lately. Burglary, vandalism, and gang wars are the most common offenses. The good thing is that our police officers are now doing their best to maintain the peace and order within.

Reminiscing, I can still remember how we would visit the only golf club in our city, The Hansen Dam Municipal Golf Course .The golf course features a lit driving range, putting greens, and practice chipping. Another part of our routine is visiting the Roger Jessup Rec Center which is a small park in Pacoima. The park includes barbecue pits, children's play area, community room, and picnic tables. Families like to gather there every Sunday and have a blast on the weekend.

Pacoima actually is comprised of different types of individuals which include a mixture of different ethnic backgrounds and cultures. This situation gave way to the diversified nature of our city. Most people are able to establish a home because of the low rates for housing in Pacoima as compared to other parts of the city. Buying land and houses as well as monthly rentals are cheaper as compared to surrounding areas. This place not only made a mark in my life but served as a haven for my soul. I still strongly endorse Pacoima as one of the most wonderful places to start a family.
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Source: The Pacoima, Los Angeles, CA data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).
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