Affordable Housing In Seattle, WA

So you're interested in moving to Seattle? We don't blame you! Seattle maintains the delicate balance between old and new with grace. Between the beautiful scenery, bohemian markets, artistic coffee shops, and unique architecture, you'll have a little bit of everything wherever you are. You'll never lack for variety or activities in whichever neighbourhood you may find yourself in. Seattle has so much to offer in the way of diversity. Be sure that in Seattle each and every person is sure to find their very own niche. To aid you in choosing the best area for yourself, we have calculated the median price of the most affordable neighbourhoods in Seattle. Whether you're looking for an area with history, culture, boutiques, or nature, this list has something for you.

With the median price of real estate in Seattle well over $400,000, finding an affordable place to live in the city can be difficult. But don't get discouraged, there are some neighborhoods where the median home price won't break the bank. Here are the top 5 picks for affordable housing in Seattle.

1. South Park
Median Home Price: $254,500

With a median house price of $254,500, there's so much to love in South Park! Right now there's a unique vibe of change and progress. As one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Seattle, South Park has a rich mix of culture as well as many up and coming businesses due to the growth of it's population. According to a Seattle, it's also the most diverse neighbourhood. Diversity of the population also means diversity of food, which there is no shortage of in South Park. Other exciting features of South Park are it's beautiful parks, Seattle's only working farm, and one of the two skate parks in the entire city. Due to the fresh combination of old and new, you'll find hip breweries and wineries alongside businesses that have been standing for decades. The mix of texture, colour, and flavour in South Park is loved by all of it's residents. Learn more about South Park housing.

2. Highland Park
Median Home Price: $275,962

With the average price of a home set at $275,962, Highland Park is loved and praised by it's residents. Blessed with that 'small town' feel, it's a much cherished and peaceful reprieve from the bustling city without being to far from it. Trees rise above the tops of the buildings, parks boast the company of young families, and a fun night out is just a short car ride away. All of this set against the backdrop of the incredible Seattle skyline make for an amazing view. Another benefit of Highland park is that there's an active community presence. There are monthly meetings as well as frequent neighbourhood parties. If you move to Highland Park, be prepared to be embraced into the progressive locale with ease. Whether you're a young professional, a couple, or a family, you're sure to fall in love with the easy charm of Highland Park. Learn more about Highland Park housing.

3. South Delridge
Median Home Price: $276,917

Coming in third place with the price tag of $276,917, we have South Delridge. Here you'll find mostly young couples and new families. What makes South Delridge special is it's 'green' environment. Houses tend to be spaced a bit farther apart, so there's more privacy to be had. Another unique feature of this neighbourhood is it's proximity to several parks, the airport, and medical facilities. There is even a special clinic especially for students of the local high school. The community takes great care in beautifying their neighbourhood and keeping it's residents, especially youths, safe. South Delridge is a worthy competitor on this list on account of being clean, affordable, and reasonably safe. It is a beautiful neighbourhood that all are sure to love. Rustic charm, quirky art, and a progressive, green friendly community all add to the natural beauty of the South Delridge. Learn more about South Delridge housing.

4. Georgetown
Median Home Price: $300,900

Probably the most recognisable name on this list for many, Georgetown is arguably the oldest neighbourhood in all of Seattle. While the neighbourhood is old in age, it's spirit is anything but! Georgetown is known for it's funky and quirky atmosphere. At first glance it may not seem like much, but look again! The vibrant brickwork comes alive and you can quickly see the quaint, artsy, boho-chic side of the neighbourhood. Locals adore the artisan boutiques, artistic restaurants, museums, and monthly 'art attacks.' (Definitely look that one up!) Relax in a beautiful botanical garden, take an underground tour, or take a visit to the 'pinball museum.' There's no shortage of things to do. From daytime activities to nightlife fun, Georgetown has got you covered! Be prepared to fall in love with the neighbourhood along with everything and everyone in it. With the average home coming in at $300,900, Georgetown is worth every dollar you'll spend. Learn more about Georgetown housing.

5. Northgate
Median Home Price: $302,325

In our fifth and final place, we have Northgate. At $302,325, It's the most expensive on the list, but with reason. Northgate is the very epitome of variety. The wonderful thing about Northgate is that you have everything you could possibly need in close proximity. Featuring a large mall, beautiful green parks, and handy access to public transportation, this neighbourhood has definite curb appeal. No need to travel long distances for a fun night out! This town features tasty, unique, and diverse cuisines. Have greek food for dinner and a Russian pirozhki for dessert! The neighbourhood is also home to many locations where you can relax and unwind to live music. Northgate is also popular for it's local hole-in-the-wall cafes. Apart from that, the area is clean and has a tight knit community that actively pushes to improve their neighbourhood. Whether you're in the mood for a bit of shopping or settling down with a book and delicious cup of coffee, be sure that this neighbourhood has something special for everyone. Learn more about Northgate housing.

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