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Laredo, Texas - Abundant scenic splendor

The city of Laredo Texas is known for its abundance of breathtaking natural scenes and wonderful nature. Having many fantastic positive features throughout the city, there is none quite as amazing as the Rio Grande. The river unites this border region and is habitat to some of the most extraordinary creatures. Recently, Laredo TX has become home to a bi-national kayak and canoe competition. All the natural beauties are at times taken for granted by us, the local residents. In recent times, my sister informed me of her plans to visit Laredo. I remember being excited to see her and immediately planned the itinerary. In doing so I realized just how marvelously breathtaking Laredo, TX can be. The Rio Grande, as I mentioned previously, is home to many wonderful creatures, fabulous views, and events. The Laredo Birding Festival was on the itinerary and a perfect festival for my bird loving sister to attend. My sister was elated. Every day of the festival began with an outdoor sighting and ended with a seminar. Local and world know photographer assisted in fabulous views and shots of Laredo TX birds such as the White-collared Seedeater, the Green parakeet, the Least Grebe, White-tipped Dove, Groovebilled Ani, and the Green Jay. In summary, my sister was in awe of the scenic splendors, wonderful wildlife sightings, small town charm, and neighborly attitude of Laredo TX; the all familiar place that I call home.
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