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Best Places To Live In Laredo, TX

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Laredo, TX: Strong Economy and Trade

Laredo, TX is the tenth most populated city in Texas. It has a strong economy thanks to its proximity to Mexico and a steady and evergrowing trade industry. The international trade industry is a big attractor to those working and doing business in the import and export businesses.

Located north of the Rio Grande in South Texas, Laredo is the third most populated border city with over 230,000 residents. Most major transportations companies have a presence in Laredo. It is on the southern side of I-95, allowing close proximity to northern Mexico's manufacturing industry.

The city's port is an international player in the import and export industries. More than 47 percent of US trade that is going to Mexico and more than 36 percent of Mexico's international trade crosses through Laredo. Laredo has a rich history, exciting attractions and warm weather year round. Although the city's climate can get hot in the summer, many newcomers are attracted to the area for its mild winter temperatures. Snowfall is a rarity in this region with very light snow cover only occurring every few years.

Warm weather, perfect location, and exciting festivals have brought many industries into the area. This bustling border city is home to Texas A&M International University and Laredo Community College. Banking institutions such as International Bank of Commerce, BBVA Compass, and Texas Community Bank are all based out of Laredo. The city also hosts several festivals which attract visitors in the country and abroad. Celebrations worth noting include Washington's Birthday Celebration, the Jalapeno Festival, and Border Beer Fest.

Laredo International Airport is an also active centerpiece of the city's economy. Quetzalcoatl International Airport is just over the border in the city of Nuevo Laredo, New Mexico. Laredo boasts a low cost of living and short commute time. With an average commute of 33 minutes, the time spent on the road is relatively short of r a major city. Laredo also has a lower unemployment rate than the US average.

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