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Lancaster, PA and the Laid Back Lifestyle of the Area

I lived in Lancaster, PA during the period of time between getting out of college and getting married. I loved the quietness of the country roads and the vastly different bar and club scene found in the downtown area. I can say that between the large amounts of tourist attractions, outlet shopping centers and places to eat and drink; I never really needed to complain of having nothing to do. The one aspect of living in Lancaster, PA is that the culture and mindset of those from the area can be a little more conservative. This can pose a challenge if you enjoy free thinking and enjoy big city living. Though a few nightclubs exist, they pale in comparison to those you find in Philadelphia, Atlantic City and even New York City; which are actually only a few hours drive away. Amish culture dots the landscape, and while intriguing and foreign at first; one cannot help but to become a little perturbed at times when Amish buggies are holding up traffic along Route 30 when you are trying to get home from work. From the laid back life of the Amish which can be found throughout the city, to the ample tourists who pour in for shopping bargains at the outlets; Lancaster is a unique place to live. From Millersville University on the outskirts of town to the traditional farmers markets selling local produce to the high end outlet stores along the main road; you can always find something here to keep you busy, though if you seek true excitement and cultural diversity, Lancaster may not be your cup of tea.
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