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Wonderful Sense of Community!

This is a wonderful smaller community in LA county. It is far away enough from LA to be distinct in many ways, yet close enough to easily access all that LA has to offer as well. It has the beauty of the Southwest, yet the convenience of Southern CA. From the snow-capped mountains to the poppy fields below, the natural beauty here is unbelievable. The pace of life is much slower up here than most of LA. It has grown much over the years from a small farming community, to now being home to some of the biggest aerospace companies in the world. It has a neat mix up people from lots of places. I grew up here, and am raising my kids here as well. I would recommend it to couples, families and retirees, but probably not singles because you really have to go to LA to experience the nightlife scene. Enjoy the fairs, festivals, farmers markets, and local museums, as well as the myriad of places to hike in the surrounding mountains. If you are an outdoor enthusiast like I am this is a great place to be!
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Lancaster, CA - Conveniently Located

I grew up in the city of Lancaster and visit once or twice a year. It's amazing how much the community has grown over the years. There is definitely a lot of shopping venues between Lancaster and Palmdale, its next-door neighbor. Unfortunately, most of the shopping areas are strip malls, identical to every other strip mall in the country. Lancaster does have an outlet mall. To get away from the big-name stores and enjoy a day of boutique shopping you actually have to leave Lancaster and head down the 14 freeway into Valencia. One thing Lancaster has which is nice, is plenty of parks and inexpensive living, when compared to other suburbs of Los Angeles. Sure, it's an hour away but a majority of Lancaster residents commute to Los Angeles because that's where the jobs are. Some drive, others take the Metro Rail or carpool. Lancaster has festivals and events on the weekends, when everyone is home. In the summer, they offer concerts in the park, a county fair and a lot of children's activities. Overall, there are enough attractions and things to do, so I recommend this city for at least a visit.
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