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Kentucky: A true southern state

The state of Kentucky has a lot to offer those people who either relocate or come to visit. When most people think of Kentucky, they immediately think of horses, so it's important to mention that major cities Lexington and Louisville are major equestrian centers. Additionally, many of the attractions revolve around these two cities. The University of Kentucky is a huge draw in Lexington, and as a result, many of the biggest businesses, best restaurants, and nicest apartments are located there.

Housing in the state of Kentucky depends upon where you live. In places like Lexington, Louisville, and Covington (a suburb of Cincinnati), things are quite urban. There are opportunities to either live in a house or live in nice apartments within these cities. For those people who live in more rural areas, housing is dominated by single family homes with large areas of land. The schools in Kentucky are solid, with a higher than average number of students going to public schools to begin with. One thing to note about the state is that its economy has struggled mightily, with rare exceptions occurring in Lexington and the capital city of Frankfurt.

All in all, Kentucky is a nice place to live for many and there are lots of reasons to visit, as well. We help people understand the opportunities in the state a little bit better by providing a host of resources, including photos and question and answer pages. If you are looking for further information and even business reviews, then we've got you covered.

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