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Kennewick, WA: A Slice of Americana that Remains

I have been in the state of Washington several times in my life and about all I can tell you about Kennewick, WA is it reminds me of being on a plane going over "flyover country." That is, a part of the continental United States where not much seems to happen except for those who live there. It is a town that makes no pretense to be "cool" or to be anything greater than it is. Like much of the state of Washignton however, Kennewick is surrounded by lots of natural surroundings which makes it ideal for outdoor sports. It is also host to two professional sports leagues which consist of an NHL Hockey League and an indoor football team. They each play at the Toyota Center. Nearby Columbia Park offers many opportunities which includes all kinds of water sports which includes boating, swimming, and fishing. For a guy like me who has lived in big cities, or near big cities, all my life, there isn't much in the way of cultural amenities to speak of or look forward to. To find world class cultural activities takes many hours of driving time to find these activities in places like Seattle or Tacoma. But then again, is culture and fine dining all there is? After a day or two enjoying some fishing and hiking in the nearby parks, I've found it hard to leave because I'm reminded of values that still exists in these places that seem to be disappearing. I regard community as perhaps the most important aspect of life in Kennewick. I find such things as family and friendships to be tightly knit in Kennewick than I do in San Francisco or Seattle. Community counts most.
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