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Moving to Jersey city What are some of the good areas and bad areas in Jersey city, please give names of different neighborhoods, a couple of street names, and etc? Also, can you give price ranges in some of your listed neighborhoods for a studio-2 bedroom? I am a native New Yorker planning to relocate to Jersey. Please be honest!! Thank you. Answer question
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Hi friend, good area would be -Grove street, Newport, Exchange place. bad area- Newark avoid at nights. Grove street - studios- $1500 inclusive of electricity water n heat/ ac in METROPOLIS TOWERS ( 280 MARIN BLVD N 270 MARIN BLVD) I guess its a good deal.Opposite to the bldg you have the grove street path stn and groceries 5 mins walk n BASE gym near by. You may get cheaper apartments in Wayne street, Montgomery street. Newport is excellent but expensive. I heard studios are really small compared to one in Metropolis -- its huge like 1 br. You can also check out apartments in 1st street in marin blvd. Hope this info will help you.
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