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Our Big Move To Highland, CA

I moved to Highland, CA about six years ago with my husband and three children. I was a little nervous about the big move from Northern New England but once we were settled in everything fell into place very quickly. All of our neighbors were extremely welcoming and the schools have the best curriculum I have seen in a long time. They actually care about what the children learn and take into consideration how a child learns best. If I have to pick out one particular thing about Highland that I love the most it would be the scenery. The palm trees here are gorgeous and the beaches are literally to die for, especially Perris Beach. Even though I say the beaches are my favorite, I have to keep in mine my massive shopping addiction. With over 300 business's in the area, I definitely have a lot of places to spend my money at. Setting aside my feelings about Highland, CA, I know my kids are more in love with the place than I could ever be. Not only do they actually enjoy going to school, but they even partake in all the kids activities they can possibly handle. Highland has many programs for children, mainly outdoor sports and activities. Usually on the weekends when there is nothing going on for them we either go out to see a movie or go to one of the many restaurants in town. So far I have yet to find one that I have not liked. Every place is very clean and has food that you could never dream of. I have to say it is very different from the way we used to eat up North. I do miss it back home time to time but Highland has become my new home and I wouldn't leave here for anything.
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