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Condescending, criminal

The first thing you notice in this town is that white, straight, middle-age men with money are embraced. Everyone else faces a shakedown and condescending attitudes. All of the so-called civic leaders actually live out of town. They all play one upsmanship and seem to be jealous of one another. City officials have been indicted and convicted (Google Haverhill Public Works Flaherty.) The high school lost accreditation because they didn't want to fix up the building because they hate minority students. Finally, it has been fixed up after huge sums of money passed through greased palms. It is just a disgrace.
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Haverhill, MA - Crime is a Problem

I have been living in Haverhill MA my entire life and the one thing I cannot stand about this place is the crime. It seems that crime is slightly high here. The community is not a tight knit community and the people seem to always have their guard up here. I do like the fact that there are some great restaurants in Haverhill. There are actually a lot of places to eat out at along route 110. My favorite place to eat at is Maria's Family Restaurant. The nightlife is kind of lame though. There are hardly any good clubs or bars to go to in Haverhill. I prefer going to Lowell when I want to hit the clubs. The only decent bar in Haverhill is the Chit Chat bar over on Washington street, which is a pretty crappy part of the city. There's not many attractions around Haverhill but in the winter time I enjoy going snowboarding at Ski Bradford which is located within a few miles of the city center. The shopping scene is very lame here too and there really are no malls or high-end shops located here. It would be nice if there was a section where many shops are but there isn't.
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Haverhill, MA - A Cool Place to Live

Haverhill, Massachusetts is truly a cool place to live. I love this city and all it has to offer. It is more affordable to live here, than other parts of Massachusetts such as Boston. One of my favorite parts of living in this city is that there is always something to do. There are so many restaurants to choose from in this city. There are also many great boutiques to shop at in Haverhill. I adore this city for these reasons. Overall, I could never see myself moving to another state or another city for that matter. This city has the best of everything. I also love the people of Haverhill, MA. They are kind and are willing to give you the shirt off of their back.
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