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Humble Small Border Town

I was born and raised in Hanover, PA. My family moved to Hanover in 1989 from a large north east city. At the time, Hanover was a sleepy farm town with many small businesses. Over the years the town has grown tremendously, and with that, changes have occurred. Hanover is a town of convenience although it is fairly large land wise. There are mainly single apartments, homes and town homes available. You can reside close to the downtown, neighborhoods or in the country and it is all within a few minutes of civilization and shopping. It is not difficult to find an affordable home built for a family. There has been a lot of growth in the restaurant and retail industry over the last 15 years. One of the main hubs of Hanover is the "Golden Mile". This is your one stop shopping district for groceries, clothes, household items and dinners out. The main thing we are lacking is more upscale shopping and variety that you may see closer to urban centers. Most children attend South West, Hanover, or Delone Catholic. The education system in the area is OK. In my opinion, if there is good parenting involved and hard work then any student can succeed with an average education. Many students graduating are first generation and tend to stay local for college. That mentality is slowly changing over the years as students begin to branch out and attend college. The job market is heavily blue collar work. We are home to Utz and Snyder's, two national companies. Our job market is limited at the professional level because of the population that resides in it. Most adults are not college educated so those types of jobs are harder to come by. I can imagine that that will start to shift over the years as we have had many people move into town from Maryland. Many people tend to commute to nearby York, Gettysburg, and the Baltimore area to make more income. Overall, Hanover is a good place to raise a family. You can find the simple American dream here. People from the town have a lot of pride and that fuels the sense of community that exists between residents.
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