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Most Dangerous Neighborhoods In Fresno, CA

When moving to a new area, prioritizing safety is essential. There are specific areas to avoid in Fresno, where crime rates can be high. Activities like walking alone at night or leaving vehicles unattended can inadvertently attract criminal behavior, especially in high-risk neighborhoods. Fresno serves as a prime example of such cities where these concerns are widespread, largely due to its expansive size and population density. Drawing from recent crime statistics, we've compiled a list of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Fresno for 2024. These rankings are formulated based on the incidence of violent crimes per 100,000 residents in each neighborhood, compared to the city's overall violent crime average. The criteria for identifying the worst neighborhoods in Fresno hinge on crime data that includes categories like murder, rape, robbery and assault and is furnished by the local law enforcement agency, supplemented by demographic data estimates when official statistics are unavailable.

Recognizing the human toll behind each statistic is paramount. Violent crime affects individuals and families profoundly. These rankings of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Fresno serve not only to identify areas requiring urgent attention but also to mobilize collective efforts for the safety and welfare of all Fresno residents. Through collaboration among locals, Fresno can aspire to create neighborhoods characterized by security, resilience and opportunity. Addressing urban safety demands a holistic approach, going beyond mere statistical analysis to tackle socio-economic disparities and enhance community-police partnerships. By fostering inclusivity and empowerment, Fresno can shape a safer, more promising future for all its residents.

Population 14,713
Violent Crimes 3,017 crimes / 100k people
249% more crime than Fresno
Population 23,773
Violent Crimes 1,561 crimes / 100k people
80% more crime than Fresno
Population 56,759
Violent Crimes 1,441 crimes / 100k people
67% more crime than Fresno
Population 57,728
Violent Crimes 932 crimes / 100k people
8% more crime than Fresno
Population 123,984
Violent Crimes 867 crimes / 100k people
equal to Fresno
Population 56,561
Violent Crimes 824 crimes / 100k people
5% less crime than Fresno
Population 39,506
Violent Crimes 733 crimes / 100k people
15% less crime than Fresno
Population 6,677
Violent Crimes 508 crimes / 100k people
41% less crime than Fresno
Population 105,413
Violent Crimes 486 crimes / 100k people
44% less crime than Fresno
Population 2,295
Violent Crimes 346 crimes / 100k people
60% less crime than Fresno
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