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Honest Demographic Concerns Hello, we are looking to move to PA within 7-8 months and found that Forty Fort looks the nicest and most reasonable, however despite the excellent crime rating and education the demographic gives me concerns. We currently live in Louisiana where racism is a major problem and daily concern. The crime rating (using this site) is an "F", and given the daily local news it is very real. We are an interracial couple and don't want to move to a place that is exactly the same in tolerance or, God forbid, worse.We're looking for honest, truthful evaluations regarding racism because we simply cannot live in constant fear or anger at how we are treated as we do now. Any and all answers, comments, opinions, or even stories of personal experiences would be greatly appreciated. We just want to find a real home and community to live in peace.Thank you, J&A
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J&APosted on May 12, 2017
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