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Welfare drug capitol of the world.

Fall River is just flat out a disgusting place to live. If someone told me 90% of the population was fraudulent welfare cases and hard drug users I would not be surprised. The people who live in Fall River are rude low class degenerates most addicted to heroin or crack just nasty people. Rents are high and landlord love the free loaders because it's a guaranteed rent check. There are very few places to eat unless you want Mcdonalds. Probably the worst Stop & Shops I've ever seen, This city is so bad there are police stationed at every super market and walmart. Walmart for that matter... haha make sure you where a bullet proof vest and nose plugs to deal with the huddled masses you see there. On top of all of this It's a pay as you throw city, 10 bucks for 8 poorly manufactured city trash bags, and the real fun is when you get fined because someone decided to throw a regular bag in your barrel even though all your garbage is in city bags. Jobs: unless you want to flip burgers, have six illegitimate children (more welfare money), or be a drug dealer your screwed.I made the mistake of signing a two year lease to live here, and god I can't wait till it's up. Once I move I swear I will never ever even drive through this disgusting dump of ghetto white trash disaster of what should be leveled and properly signed the same way Chernobyl is.One more fun fact: Fall River is the only city in US history that took down it's airport to make more room for the city dump. That should tell you all you need to know, and in my opinion they should do that to the rest of the city. At least it would serve a purpose for the surrounding communities.
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Fall River, MA - A City with Rich History and Textiles Galore

Fall River has a very hip, trendy vibe to it, for being such a historically rich city. As a fashionista and someone loving to go shopping for clothes, I fell in love with Fall River, Massachusetts the moment I stepped foot in the city. Many textile companies are located in Fall River, making for some great shopping. If you make your own clothes like I do, then you will find some of the best fabric stores in the country located in Fall River. A few great ones are Quaker Fabric Corporation, Bedford Fabrics, and Ray's Upholstery (textiles for furniture). There are many cultures in Fall River, making it a rich, fun city. At the same time, the area is home to many Catholic churches and maintains a strong Catholic identity. Check out St. Mary's Cathedral or St. Anne's Church if you are ever in the area. These are some of the most gorgeous cathedrals you will ever lay eyes on. If you are a tourist looking for some rich history of the area, go check out Battleship Cove. This is a breathtaking naval ship. If you are looking to go out that night, there are many great ethnic restaurants and nightclubs in the area of Fall River. Fall River is an interesting place to visit and would probably make a great place to live. While not the safest city, it does have rich cultural history and textiles galore.
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