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Best Neighborhoods In & Around Fairfax, VA

PlaceLivability scoreScoreMilesPopulationPop.
Westover Village, Arlington838.92,179
Williamsburg, Arlington818.52,968
Rock Spring, Arlington819.43,223
Lyon Village, Arlington8111.33,541
PlaceLivability scoreScoreMilesPopulationPop.
Arlington-East Falls, Arlington817.95,637
Lyon Park, Arlington8111.45,521
Madison Manor, Arlington808.21,579
Bluemont, Arlington809.57,049

Best Cities Near Fairfax, VA

PlaceLivability scoreScoreMilesPopulationPop.
Occoquan, VA8612.2947
Sandy Hook, MD8439.4142
Countryside, VA831510,472
Fair Oaks, VA833.233,478
PlaceLivability scoreScoreMilesPopulationPop.
Merrifield, VA823.417,000
Cascades, VA8214.212,205
Neabsco, VA8214.817,038
Friendship Heights Village, MD8213.64,730
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Wanna avoid expensive living and long waits in traffic?

Then do not come to the northern Virginia area. Let me first start by saying, if you have money and don't mind traffic (we do have the best sports radio in the country, Go Skins!) then Fairfax is a great place to live. Especially for families. Education here is top notch and has some of the top rated public schools in the nation. (I did not grow up here so thats based off what i've read). The weather is is typical Virginia weather, all four seasons come and go. Sometimes their are mild seasons, sometimes they are extreme. I would say a good guestimate is every five years or so you'll get a heavy winter with lots of snow (YAY White Christmas!), yet other years you'll get a couple dustings. Same with summer. Fall is always pretty. The great thing about Fairfax and Nova in general is they have just about every store you can think or have ever heard of. Most importantly, Trader Joe's. But seriously the only chains I have yet to see in this area are more southern style food chains like Bojangles. Nova has everything. The only attraction Fairfax has is a gun museum. Seriously, I think their may be a few old houses that are "historical" but not much else. But don't worry, if your near D.C. attractions aren't far. Same with nightlife, Fairfax has a couple bars but if you wanna hit the bar scene then check out Arlington or D.C. They have tons of bars within walking distance and its not a far drive to either at night, or take the metro which is about 45 to an 1 hour trip from Fairfax. Food here is good, lots of cool restaurants. Literally every type of cuisine, except my favorite...southern cooking! Some local breweries too. One of the great things about Nova is if your tired of the traffic and city vibe of the D.C. metropolitan area, literally drive about 30 mins west and it feels like your in a different state. The rest of VA is country, with beautiful mountains which are great for hiking, some nearby ski resorts, and parks as well. Nova itself has a good amount of parks as well. Housing is stupid expensive. Im a student so I don't know what an average house costs, but I imagine its really expensive. I pay rent and its hard to find a decent ROOM for less than 700 utilities included. A small three bed town house is gonna cost upwards of $2200 a month. These are decent places I am describing, just your standard living space for a college student or young professional, nothing special but do not expect hardwood floors, a big garage, and a fireplace for this price. Traffic sucks. It takes me about 12 minutes to get to my job about 7 miles away with no traffic late at night. With traffic during rush hour, anywhere from 30-40 minutes easily. If your going to D.C., expect longer or take the metro. Driving a motorcycle here is scary, people still do it and many are fine but the whole D.C. metropolitan area is not the best place to own a motorcycle due to the congestion. Like I said, great sports radio! The community is nice. Lots of diversity here. You have your nice people and not so nice people, just don't expect southern hospitality but people aren't what I would call rude unless their driving. You can't really do a review of just Fairfax because all of northern va is very condensed and connected. Just wanted to make that clear. Overall NOVA is a great place if you have the money. I myself prefer something less expensive, with less traffic, better nightlife in my immediate area, and more privacy. Thats why I have rated it three stars but for many NOVA and Fairfax in general is a great place to live.
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