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Pennsylvania's Coolest Vacation Hot Spot - Erie, PA

Once, I had asked my friends where they thought a great vacation spot was within the state of Pennsylvania. I usually get responses for Pittsburg or Philadelphia as the usual hotspots. After wanting to see something different that the state of Pennsylvania had to offer, I had the pleasure of spending time in Erie during the week after Easter; where I found something new and exciting to do each day. During my visit to the city of Erie, I found much more than I could have ever expected. Located in the northwestern part of the state, on the shore of Lake Erie; the city provides entertainment and fun for everyone; in addition to a small town friendliness from its residents. There is an indoor water park which was loads of fun, as was the zoo and botanical gardens; only to name just a few of the attractions within the city of Erie. I found there was so much to do and so many attractions to see that I did not have the time to fit everything in during my stay. A drawback to my trip was that things were a bit pricier than I had expected for a city of its size, although given that the cost for the outstanding degree of entertainment, shopping, lodging and restaurants which I found in Erie (in comparison) other Pennsylvania cities are a great deal more expensive. In a financial aspect, I felt it was one vacation spot well worth the price. I am looking forward to visiting Erie once again, however, this time it will be with my family during this summer. I am planning to stay for two weeks so we may take in everything the city has to offer. Another disadvantage I've found is that because of its location, the area is sometimes pummeled with lake effect snows during the winter season. Unless you are a resident of the area or have the tenacity to brave the icy elements, I suggest traveling at some point in the spring through fall because of the comfortable temperatures of spring and summer plus (if driving) the glorious autumn foliage. In my opinion, the city and everything it has to offer is well worth the trip.
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