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East Lansing is miserable

This ghetto ass shithole is the last place on Earth that you should ever consider living in. I kid you not, you might find more enjoyment living in the war-torn city of Aleppo than you would in East Lansing, Michigan. The city's only saving grace is Michigan State University which merely neighbors this strip-mall of a municipality. I have lived in East Lansing for the better part of 3 years and I can tell you with absolute certainty that there is not a single charming or delightful aspect about this forgotten wasteland. The city center is the ugliest waste of space you will ever lay eyes on; it consists of a single road (Grand River) which is riddled with failing or unappealing franchises, unattractive and seemingly everlasting construction which miraculously has not improved the city since I've been here, and one-way roads which will have you driving 3 miles to get to a destination 500 feet from your place-of-residence. East Lansing and Lansing alike have truly been rejected by the state government. Despite being the Capital of the state, this area looks more rundown than Pripyat, following the Chernobyl disaster. East Lansing is reportedly bankrupt, and I believe it considering the looks of the infrastructure. However, this city has an army of a police force whose sole purpose is to enforce traffic laws and give parking tickets that range anywhere from 25-50 dollars each. Mind you there is no free parking. The police certainly don't stop crime, that's evident by the 2 shootings and 3 armed robberies which have occurred this year alone. Have I mentioned the rampant sex-trafficking ring that's based out of the Lansing area? Yeah that's a thing we have as well. Rather than focusing time, energy and resources on issues like those that I've mentioned, the ELPD is more concerned with robbing its citizens via traffic stops and parking tickets. As an East Lansing resident, you can't exaggerate this issue enough. If you were to talk to any resident of EL, I guarantee one of the first 3 things they tell you about is the amount of parking tickets you receive in this city. No matter how careful and vigilant you are, it's completely and utterly unavoidable. I personally have never been pulled over, but I've received countless parking tickets (one I received in my own driveway for partially being parked on the dirt) and even had my car towed from my girlfriend's house. My parking bill, at year 3, is without a doubt above 1000 dollars and perhaps even more if you factor in all the legal parking I've paid for. East Lansing is truly a miserable place to live. If you can, STAY OUT!
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safe area in michigan east lancing nearby michigan state universty Which is the most safest area for a family to live in and nearby the MSU? Thanks
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Source: The East Lansing, MI data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).