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Draper Utah: The Perfect Place for a Family

I was born on the east coast, the place of industry and dense cities. For my husband's job, we moved out west to live in Utah. We currently live in Draper, Utah. There are many things that I absolutely adore of this area which include the amenities, the excellent education here, the housing, as well as the low crime rates. I was born and raised in South Carolina so I am accustomed to warm weather. That is my only disappointment of Draper. The weather here, though warm, is not as warm during the Summer season and is much colder during the Winter season. The Draper area is a great place to bring up children. Here the crime rate is low and the schools here are excellent. All three of my children are currently apart of the orchestra program at their high school which is an excellent program. I am a stay at home mom so I appreciate the fact that the local markets that I like to visit often are only 5 minutes from my house. Here in this town, I tend not to drive a lot. I also enjoy this area because, though it may be cold at times, my family and I can take more trips to California when it gets too cold for out taste. While living in this area, I have only noticed two things that I do not like. This includes the weather as well as the cost of living. Living here is expensive. Gas as well as groceries can get a little bit pricey which is why I do not drive as much and I buy goods for meals on a day to day basis. During the winter though, it is hard to walk which is why I suggest to bundle up from December to March.
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