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Best Value Fitness Centers Hi!Can anyone share with me the best value fitness centers in the Denver Metro Area and why they're good? Thank you! Answer question
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philly to colorado Hey all, first off, thanks so much for reading this and your efforts to lead me in the right direction! I currently live in philadelphia, and am visiting the Denver/Fort Collins area at the end of the month for the first time with strong interests in moving when my lease is up in the spring here in Philadelphia. A bit about myself, I am 27 and would be moving on my own to Colorado. I love the outdoors (hiking, water, yoga, etc.) and practice and appreciate living a holistic and happy lifestyle. I would ideally like to be in a central location where I have the mountains and outdoor activities at my fingertips but also in an area where I can easily meet plenty of new friends and network as I do not know many people out in Colorado. I am looking to spend hopefully no more than $700/month on rent and would ideally love to be in an area that people with similar lifestyles live as well.
So, a few questions I have...
Any suggestions/neighborhoods in denver I can check out on my visit? or outside of the denver area that share the same qualities i'm looking for in a new home? I hear boulder is great, but may be a bit out of my price range!
Can anyone suggest a hotel/bed & breakfast that is affordable and centrally located in an area of denver that I can check out for my stay at the end of the month?

Again, thanks so much and I hope to get some feedback!
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Furniture stores in Denver or nearby? Hello, what furniture brands would you recommend. I'm interested in wooden cabinets to my kitchen, but not too expensive? Answer question
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The Good and Bad about Denver, CO I've heard a lot of really good things about Denver and some not so good things on Denver. I'm hoping some locals can shed some light. First, let's start with the good stuff. I've heard that there housing market and local economy is fairly strong, all things considered. Housing is affordable, neighborhoods are safe and employment rates are below the national average, at around 8%. I've also heard that there is a lot of sprawl, everything is far away and hard to get to without jumping into a car. Can anyone speak to any of these issues?

Denver has long been a city that I would really like to visit. The mountains alone sound like they would make for an incredible trip!
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