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Cost of living greetings, we are moving early February next year, western branch area. Family of 5 here. I have a few questions, how much are the average utility bills you guys are paying? We are moving to a 1800 square foot house ( gas for heating) . And also, how much do you guys usually spend/ budget for groceries per week. Thank you very much, have a good day. Answer question
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Hello Trinol my name is Amberle Farthing. I am a Realtor/ Investor here in Hampton Roads, VA. Congrats on your decision to move in February to Western Branch. I have heard great things about Western Branch schools! As far as average utility bills according to for the month of December the average electric bill was $156. It doesn't say whether or not these people utilize gas or not. From experience though, gas can be as inexpensive as $30 in the summer and as expensive as $200 in the winter though my property is a bigger square footage and a little older so yours may be significantly lower. According to a 2014 article on Virginia has the most expensive grocery prices in the country. I will attach the link: hope this helped and if you need anything else real estate related or otherwise, feel free to shoot me an email at!
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