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Brookline is a racially diverse, densely populated, safe and progressive society. There are many different types of restaurants and shops. It is walkable and has access to public transportation. The town is also very close to Boston. On the other hand, Brookline is not economically diverse due to the high costs of living there.
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Brookline, MA - Awesome

Brookline is awesome. I have lived in Brookline for many years now and the best part of living here is being able to jump on the commuter rail to go to Boston whenever I want. The commuter rail runs daily and takes around 15-20 minutes to reach Boston. The nightlife in Brookline is amazing. Bars and clubs stay open until very late, seven days a week. No matter what day it is I can always find a good club or bar to go to. There is also a huge mall located right in the city. The mall has many high-end shops to shop at as well as discount stores. Many outlets are also nearby. Many great restaurants are located throughout the central village section of Brookline. I love this section of the city because there are many sushi restaurants in this section. Brookline is pretty safe and I have never had an encounter with any sort of violent crime since I have been living here. The city is great and filled with diversity. I would not choose to live anywhere else in the world. The only thing that I really don't like is that the city is extremely busy and driving around the city is difficult. This is why I choose to walk everywhere.
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