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Best Places To Live In New Mexico 2024

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New Mexico: Land of Enchantment

New Mexico is nicknamed the Land of Enchantment, and it would be easy to see why. It is the epitome of southwestern charm. Friendly faces, beautiful vistas, outdoor adventure, and a fascinating tale of western American history welcome newcomers to this lovely state.

New Mexico is the lower easternmost of the so-called “four corners” states. It is bordered by Arizona, Colorado, and Texas, and a small portion of Mexico. The geography is diverse, with many parks and preserved open spaces that accommodate outdoor types well. A southern swath of the Rocky Mountain range is surrounded by high desert terrain, with succulent vegetation and little annual rainfall. The temperatures are on the warm side, averaging from around 35 degrees in winter to about 85 degrees in the summer. The mountains give way to the upper reaches of the Chihuahuan desert in the south.

Several attractions make New Mexico an appealing state. Albuquerque’s world-renowned Balloon Fiesta hosts more than 700 hot air balloons and draws tens of thousands of tourists every year. Multiple cultural and historic landmarks dot the landscape all over the state, such as Pueblo Bonito, Taos, White Sands National Monument, and Trail of the Ancients. New Mexico also offers excellent camping, biking, and backpacking opportunities, and is a gateway to America’s extraordinary western outdoor playground. The major cities are cultural hubs, hosting numerous food festivals and intercultural performances. New Mexican cuisine blends influences from Spanish, Mexican, and native sources, and is notoriously distinct and flavorful. Santa Fe, New Mexico’s capital, is the center of artistic culture in the state and is home to the country’s oldest standing church, built in 1610. New Mexico is also famous for its spas and resorts, many of which are centered around natural hot springs.

New Mexico is home to a little over two million residents, most of whom reside in the states three major cities, Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Las Cruces. Albuquerque’s major industries are aerospace, sustainable energy, and computer technology. It is also an administrative center for a number of mining companies. Several federal installations represent much of the state’s economy in the form of military defense, laboratories, and space observatories. The housing market is somewhat less expensive than the national average, and the state’s employment rate is comparable to other states. Santa Fe reports the highest real estate prices followed closely by Albuquerque, while Las Cruces and smaller towns run lower.

Agriculture occupies the rural portion of New Mexico, which is one of the nation’s top chili pepper and onion producers. The uniquely wonderful scent of roasting chilis in the autumn is a southwestern experience to treasure!

There is no shortage of good reasons to call New Mexico home. To better customize your search for the best places to live in New Mexico and find that perfect place to settld down, you can specify the criteria that you need. You can fully customize your search based on population size, search radius, home/rent price and what factors (amenities, crime, cost of living, education, employment, housing, weather) are most important to you. Start your search now to find the best places to live in New Mexico.