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Gay Communities My partner and I have heard that Austin is one of the top places to live as a gay couple. We are getting married in August and were considering relocating to a bigger area than where we are living now, with mroe culture and things to do. What communities or neighborhoods do you suggest? We are both educated and would be working in healthcare/education. Any help is appreciated! Answer question
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cwilkinsPosted on Jan 14, 2013
What autism services are available in Austin? I'm thinking about moving to Austin. I have a 10 year old child on the autsim spectrum and am wondering what the services are like there. Answer question
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rogerdrileyPosted on Sep 03, 2012
Is the Formula One coming to Austin in 2012? I've heard from several different sources that Formula 1 is coming to Austin in 2012, is there any truth to this? Where would the race be held? How many fans could be expected to pack into the race track wherever the race is? Answer question
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AV JonPosted on Jan 07, 2011
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